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Drupal Road Warriors Wanted: 17 cities, 6 villages, 3 mountain huts, 12 mountain passes,1 wedding in 8 weeks

I am in the final quarter of a whirlwind 2 months of professional and personal travel. If you love to travel, you might consider joining Acquia's professional services team where travel is not a requirement, it's an opportunity.

  1. San Francisco - Home (West coast marketing headquarters for Acquia)
  2. Portland - OSCON
  3. San Francisco - Acquia marketing headquarters
  4. Chicago - HostingCon
  5. St. Augustine, Florida - Drupal.org search improvement headquarters (Jeremy Andrews place)
  6. Orlando, Florida - Kieran the GodFather takes Nephew to meet Spiderman at Universal Studios
  7. San Francisco - LinuxWorld
  8. Budapest - Gabor's Wedding
  9. Geneva, Switzerland - Vacation with my wife, wife's sister and husband on the Haute Route
  10. St. Martigny - 10 villages or huts along La Haute Route in Switzerland(Featured in the picture above)
  11. Trier, Germany - Working from Sister-in-law's
  12. Budapest, Hungary
  13. Drupalcon Szeged, Hungary
  14. San Francisco
  15. Los Angeles - Drupalcamp LA Saturday, September 13th
  16. New York City - Drupalcamp NYC Sunday, September 14th
  17. San Francisco


Posted on by John Eckman.

Y'all should set up a Dopplr group - we just got one set up for Optaros. Then coworkers can join it to share travel info and you get a good picture of where everyone is.

Looks like I just missed you - I was in Zurich Sept. 22-26th, doing some Drupal training with Optaros colleagues from Switzerland and the UK.

Posted on by Kieran Lal.

Thanks for the tip John, I've requested we do just that. I've added you and your colleague Jim Edgett.

http://www.dopplr.com/tr aveller/Amazon