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Drupal at Pfizer

Last week at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference they had a general session that included presentations by several large organizations applying Web 2.0 approaches to internal team social publishing. One of these was given by Simon Revell of Pfizer.

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Posted on by Dries Buytaert.

It's great indeed. Pfizer has been using Drupal for a while. I believe the folks at WorkHabit built the site for them about 2 years ago.

Posted on by botchagalupe (not verified).

I continue to believe that Enterprise 2.0 is a dormant opportunity for Drupal. It seems to be just off the radar screen for most Drupal solution providers and customers, most of whom seem to use Drupal more often for external facing sites. But the building blocks are there, and I would like to see us do more in this area over time. Why let Sharepoint have all the fun?

Be careful now.. it sounds like you are picking up on my argument that you trashed a few months ago... :)

Posted on by Joe Yaker (not verified).

In a former life, I was an open source evangelist within Pfizer Global R&D. My managers somewhat begrudgingly supported my affinity for PHP, Perl and MySQL. Although this technology went against the culture of big, expensive and difficult-to-implement, my clients were certainly happy; they got extensible solutions that were damn cheap to implement and support.

There was a certain "maverick" element in Corporate IT that provided me with the infrastructure I needed to roll out Drupal in 2004. Despite some gnashing of teeth, Drupal eventually became a tolerated (though not necessarily "blessed") platform within Pfizer. I personally launched internal Drupal-based sites for many groups within R&D and worked on projects that brought Drupal to Corporate.

Even the new CEO had a Drupal-based "blog" for a time.

Posted on by Ted Peterson (not verified).

Pfizer maverick IT element checking in...

Joe Yaker (above) had me host Drupal to support his work with departmental web sites. Somewhere along the line I was asked if I knew of anyone that could put up a blog site. Well, duh.

I put up about 100 internal Drupal blog sites during 2005-2007; about 20% still have traffic in the range of 100-1000 unique visitors/month. As Simon mentioned, Pfizer is pretty much focused on Sharepoint, so the future is uncertain.

Dries' Workhabit (fine folks, all) comment above refered to a project where I put together a custom site as a moderated/real-time web chat capable of handling 100K concurrent users. My customer wanted some warm fuzzies from an outside expert's casting of an eye upon what we had done to support the high volume requirement.