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Enterprise 2.0 Conference: A Drupal Perspective

This week we sponsored and attended the Enterprise 2.0 Conference here in Boston. It was a useful week that produced several interesting insights about how Web 2.0 patterns are being applied inside large organizations.200806121716.jpg

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Posted on by BryanSD (not verified).

Drupal needs its Toyota!

I recall a time when I didn't take Linux that seriously. Sure it was nice to have a few Linux boxes but could an open source operating system really replace our Unix servers in operations or our Windows PCs on the administrative side? Back then, I had doubts about Linux. Then the stories of how To yota was utilizing Red Hat Linux started to become known. Suddenly, everyone started saying to themselves that if Toyota could use Linux to meet their business needs, why couldn't Linux work for me too?

In my opinion, the defining moment for Acquia/Drupal will be when we (the potential customers) understand not what Drupal can do for us, but more importantly when we come to understand what we can do with Drupal.

In one form or another, I've been involved on both sides of the firewall in my organization. Ten years ago it was a huge challenge for organizations and businesses to figure out how best to utilize the Internet to meet their business needs. As challenging as I saw it for my own organization, I'm convinced that meeting the challenges on the intranet side is much more difficult. For the most part, we all can see what others are doing with their Internet Web servers, but few of us get to see what other organizations do with Enterprise 2.0 behind their firewall. It's very easy to find examples of "success" on the Web, but it is rare to get a peek of what goes on behind the closed door.

I think in order for specific Enterprise 2.0 applications to succeed, organizations need to see a blueprint for how other enterprises have successfully implemented those applications. In other words, what I think customers need most is to see the blueprint for how Acquia/Drupal can be implemented within organizations similar to their own. I'm not talking about needing to see the feature list but more importantly the strategic "how-to" list. I know what Drupal does, but show me and my coworkers examples of what we can accomplish with Drupal on our Intranet! This in my opinion is the path that will determine whether Acquia succeed as an Enterprise 2.0 application.

Bryan Ruby

Posted on by jwhatcott Whatcott.

Good point about the need for more documented Enterprise 2.0 case studies.