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Now for something completely different...

This is my first week at Acquia, and I have to admit that I'm surprised to be here. Despite my commitments of time and code to Drupal over the last couple years, I was also working full time as a scientist at a start-up that is a spin-off from the lab where I did my post-doc.

A number of my friends and family have done a bit of a double-take when I told them my plans - usually something along the lines of "but that's nothing like your current job!?". So, that's true, but I'm excited to be here. I've enjoyed programming since elementary school, and I seriously considered majoring in CS as an undergraduate.

I've learned a lot from the Drupal community and I'm looking forward to being part of Acquia and to being able to spend more time with great members of the Drupal community both here at Acquia and around the world.


Posted on by moshe weitzman (not verified).

Terrific move, Peter. You have contributed so much as a part timer! I'm impressed. Good luck in your journey ...

Posted on by Robert Douglass.

We did a lot of jumping around and "w00t"ing when Peter finally said "Yes". Welcome to the team, Peter!

Posted on by Dries Buytaert.

Welcome to the team, Peter! :)

Posted on by auntie julie (not verified).

Not a bit surprised, Peter, since you were reading (and absorbing) programming manuals over weekend visits not long after your teething stage - I guess your co-workers will also discover you brew a fine beer, have GREAT sense of humor and are active in environmental and political/peace issues. (Not your average, brainy one-dimensional genius/geeky type!) Good luck on your exciting career move!

Posted on by sirkitree (not verified).

Brew beer? Any chance we could get a sample for an episode of DrupaLMAO?

Posted on by nick (not verified).

Peter - Congrats!

It is great to see someone follow thier heart and thier mind!!!! The adventure begins!

Posted on by Dipen Chaudhary (not verified).

All the best, It feels so good to read this entry. Your blog entry remind me of Con kolivas, a practicing doctor, who made important contributions to O(1) scheduler of linux .. Open source is such a beautiful thing, that I think even one is a management person with love for code,can actually have a wife and a mistress :) obviously wife is code :P

Great going, I whole heartedly wish success to you .. Thanks for your work :)

Posted on by Caleb G (not verified).

Congratulations Peter - you were one of the first and nicest people to reach out to me a few years ago when I first got involved with Drupal (I'm sure you probably don't remember, but I do). It's been fun watching everyone progress since that time (you were fairly new to Drupal yourself at the time I think), but I believe you're still managing to stay one up on me in a relative terms. (meaning you were ahead of my Drupal abilities and accomplishments then and continue to be!) :-)

Posted on by Owen (not verified).

Congratulations Peter - may the world of full-time Drupal be truly yours!

Posted on by Khalid (not verified).

Congratulations Peter.

I am one who "jumped" from one career to computing (decades ago), and never looked back.

Acquia is lucky, and you too ...