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Thankful Friday

This morning I went into the kitchen at work and found a case of imported beer on the table. It's not an uncommon sight at Acquia on a Friday - as we normally have a little relaxation time as a team before the weekend begins.


Now I'm an exotic ginger ale guy myself (every open source company should have at least one). But for some reason this box of beer caught my eye. Upon investigation, I discovered a nice note from our friends at Development Seed, congratulating us for being named to the Red Herring 100.
They had noticed the win and gone to the trouble to send us a gift. What a great gesture. Thanks guys!

It's great to be part of a community full of so many people who are thoughtful and great to work with.



Posted on by Eric (not verified).

Cheers to the entire team up there. Looking forward to drinking together in Sveged, if not sooner in our local dive here in DC:).

Keep up the great work,

Posted on by Anonymous (not verified).

There's a bit of brown on your nose, Eric ;)

Posted on by Anonymous (not verified).

Er, how is this Planet worthy? Sorry, it's awesome that you get tasty beer and all but what's that got to do with *my* Friday in Drupal-land?

Posted on by jwhatcott Whatcott.

Good point. Sorry about that.

Posted on by Nick Lewis (not verified).

Jeff -- considering the incoherent garbage I read on the planet, I don't think you need to apologize. Bear with me while I point out the obvious (notice I'm not anonymous):

Acknowledging a kind gesture publicly is a nice thing indeed.

Do not be intimidated by the drupal planet police. Anyone who wants to police drupal planet should by no means be allowed the job.

Anyways, I rather enjoyed the entry. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.


p.s. beware of those who don't give a name with a comment. They are prone to knavery.

Posted on by Khalid (not verified).

I don't "get" beer myself, and don't care much for it.

But, I think this post is Drupal planet worthy, simply because it shows the cordial and amicable atmosphere that goes on between Drupal shops within the ecosystem.

Enough said ...