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DrupalCon Training - Portland 2013

We work hard with partners to keep a steady flow of Drupal training events in our calendar to bring Drupal training as close to you as possible. However DrupalCon poses a great opportunity for you to get training on a variety of speciality topics. It’s an opportunity to learn from people whose skills are much in demand. A great value! DrupalCon’s registration price is exceedingly low. So if you think about it, adding the cost of training provides a huge advantage - and the total cost is still even lower than most tech... More

8 Digital Marketing Masters You Must Follow on Twitter Right Now

Are you following these marketing experts on Twitter? If not, you’re missing out on some great content from the smartest people in the marketing biz. Follow @chiefmartecWhat does often tweet about? The intersection of technology and marketing.Sample tweet CMO of GE: "If you came into marketing because you didn't like numbers, then you don't have much of a future." http://t.co/QVq28yfNCu #CMO Follow @mvolpeWhat does often... More

Drupal Gardens adds entity relationships, field collections and more!

It’s been awhile since we’ve blogged, but that’s not to say we haven’t been hard at work improving Drupal Gardens for our thousands of site builders. We’ve added a host of new features since the last update including entity relationships and field collections for managing site content more easily, support for 301 domain redirects for search engine optimization and new Open Graph meta tag options for effectively managing interactions between Drupal Gardens websites and social networks.... More

Austin or Bust! SXSW 2013 Recap

The average travel time to get from Boston to Austin is about four hours. Throw in two feet of snow, and thousands of people trying to get to one destination and it could take a little bit longer. Like fourteen hours. That was the travel time for me, Bryan House, Joe Wykes and John Carione. We hunkered down at Logan Airport for three hours. Spent another hour and a half on the tarmac. And then finally took off to our stop at Dallas. We were convinced we were going to be roadtrippin’ it to Austin. Things looked up for some of team Acquia when we arrived in Dallas. A few of us were able to re-... More

Her Majesty’s Government & Open Source

In a country where cynicism is a national pastime, we often greet government “policies” on open source adoption with more than a raised eyebrow and I must admit I was ready to do the same when I spotted the following tweet from Mark Taylor, CEO of Sirius, over the weekend: Haven’t we been here before? I’m not professing to be a public sector expert, but I’ve been round the block long enough with open source software (OSS) and the UK Government to recall a number of similar sounding “initiatives”, “guidelines”, “principles” and “policies” communicated by central government under the present... More

Working with Big Data: Assembling Your Toolkit

When does it make sense to start up a Big Data program? If your email marketing system isn't talking to your sales force automation system, and neither is synched up with your online purchase system, are you really ready to tackle a Big Data project? The answer may surprise you as we examine Big Data and its impact on the next generation digital experience in this third installment of our ongoing series "Are You Ready for Big Data?" The good news for those who want to tap into the power of Big Data: The rise of this data revolution has been powered by a number of prominent open source and... More

Drupal security training at Drupalcon Portland

Did you know that there is a strong likelihood a Cross Site Scripting vulnerability exists on your site? Have you specifically tested your site for XSS or other vulnerabilities? Are you not sure what that even means? At DrupalCon Portland learn best practices of Drupal security with a full-day course from members of Acquia’s Engineering and Professional Services teams. We’ll show you what vulnerabilities you are most at risk for and the technical specifics of attacks like XSS and SQL injection. You’ll learn how to find and fix vulnerabilities during an in-depth, hands-on study of a vulnerable... More

Cold truth about a cold call

Today we had a bit of an embarrassing situation when one of our business development reps accidentally emailed Matt Mullenweg, the creator of Wordpress, with an offer to switch to Drupal. Matt posted the email on his personal blog, and it’s triggered a lot of chatter on Twitter and on Matt’s blog. We made an honest mistake. We assembled a small list of large media sites and emailed contacts from our database an offer to explore Drupal. Obviously Matt should not have been on that list. Usually we scrub email lists to... More

Kate's 3 Simple Steps to a Great St. Patrick's Day!

This may come as a shock, but some of us at Acquia aren't afraid to have a drink every once in a while. And what better time of year to discuss the finer points of beer and drinking than St. Patrick's day, right? Beer tap in the Acquia kitchen St. Patrick's day isn't just for the Irish anymore. Everyone should plan to be Irish for a day and celebrate on St. Patrick's Day. I've pulled together this blog post to help make sure this St. Patrick's Day and all other St. Patrick's Days that follow will be great! Step 1: You need to get a drink. Preferably an Irish one! Some drinks to choose from... More

Should You Start a Big Data Project?

When does it make sense to start up a Big Data program? If your email marketing system isn't talking to your sales force automation system, and neither is synched up with your online purchase system, are you really ready to tackle a Big Data project? The answer may surprise you as we examine Big Data and its impact on the next generation digital experience in this second installment of our ongoing series "Are You Ready for Big Data?" "If your organization stores multiple petabytes of data, if the information most... More

Robert Douglass talks Content, Community, and Commerce with Drupal

Robert Douglass, Director of Products at Commerce Guys, the originators and maintainers of Drupal Commerce sat down with me this week. We talked about how content, community, and commerce relate and help each other and why Drupal is the best platform to provide you with the digital elements of your users' experience of your online presence. Commerce Guys, in partnership with Acquia also has the support mechanisms that you need to succeed with Drupal and Commerce: from architecting your site,... More

3 inspiring Drupal intern training programs

By Heather James If you're responsible for building and skilling up a team to develop Drupal sites, I'm going to introduce you to three inspiring internship programs you should know about. I'm also going to show you what is working in those programs to give you some ideas of how you can build your own team and give someone a great chance to change their lives. A baffling situation Most tech fields are struggling to hire skilled employees, and turnover is high. Start-ups attract employees with generous benefits (free beer! massages! yoga!) to try and pull in those who can bring experience to... More

From zero to standard platform: Drupal community at Stanford

Stanford University is home to a large and growing number of Drupal sites. Drupal’s qualities as a platform – flexibility, extensibility, and speed of development, to name a few – are part of this equation, of course. The other, vital component of this success is the efforts of a grassroots community of Drupal users at Stanford over the last few years. They have not only created great websites for the university, they’ve also dedicated time and effort to helping others succeed with Drupal and spread the word. In 2011, the University officially recognized the value of these grassroots... More

5 Ways to be a SXSW Allstar with the Acquia Team

SXSW is only days away and the Acquia Team is counting down the minutes until we get to Austin. For those not familiar with SXSW (South by Southwest), it is a set of film, interactive, gaming and music festivals and conferences that takes over the city of Austin, Texas in March of each year, with over 60,000 people. Acquia is participating in SXSW Interactive, which is focused on emerging technologies, as well as the SXSW Trade Show (Booth #723!). Headed to SXSW? Make sure you take advantage of all the... More

A pragmatic guide to the Branch Per Feature git branching strategy

[Update 09/09/2013] I mentioned below that we'd make our scripts available for setting up BPF. Well, in collaboration with the awesome team at Affinity Bridge, we've gone one better than that: there's now a ruby gem available for this at http://rubygems.org/gems/git_bpf. Use this gem to initialize a repo for BPF, including setting up the shared rerere cache (which is actually in the same repo as your main repo, using an orphaned branch) and the hooks that will push to and pull from the... More