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Testing Sprint in Paris

I started working with Rok and Charlie about code coverage using phpcoverage. Talked w/Andy Kirkham about using straight xdebug instead. Ultimately testing.drupal.org will probably go w/xdebug directly but Andy and Kevin Bridges probably know more about that.
Jimmy mentioned there wasn't a lot of work left on functional tests to do. I was waiting for code coverage analysis to see if there where holes in the test coverage. In the meanwhile, I investigated using runkit and mock-functions and started talked with Jimmy about it, but shortly after Károly showed up. Károly proposed a different... More

Building community

At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco last week I attended the session "Community Building: Good, Bad, and Ugly." More than anything else, it reminded me of the "Building Community" session hosted by Laura Scott of pingVision that I attended a year ago at the OSCMS 2007 conference in Sunnyvale last April. I went to Laura's session with no expectations (there was nothing else in that time slot I wanted to attend) and was really pleased to find the discussion relevant with tangible, actionable ideas I understood and could use. I've been meaning... More

Drupal's search compared to Google and Yahoo!

When Drupal does a content search, it optionally weighs the results using up to four scoring factors. These scoring factors include keyword relevancy, recency of the content, number of comments, and (if statistics module is enabled), the number of page views. Site administrators can adjust the relative weighting of these scoring factors from the example.com/admin/settings/search administration page. Setting any scoring factor to zero disables it.
In this article, which applies primarily to Drupal 6 but is relevant for Drupal 5 as well, I explore how useful these scoring factors really are,... More

Drupal kung-fu ballet

At Web 2.0 I ran into Christine Herron. Christine is a ballet dancer and venture capitalist. We got to talking about ballet and an upcoming show at her favorite ballet company, Lines Ballet. She recommended that I attend what she termed "Ballet for Geeks," a combination of ballet and shaolin monks martial arts. The Shaolin ballet is sponsored project by the government of China.
The Drupal community has embraced a number of martial art themes to describe its activities. Job... More

Open source disrupting the Web 2.0 market size

On Thursday, Jeff, Bryan, Barry and I had a follow up meeting with Oliver Young, who recently released Forrester's Global Enterprise Web 2.0 market forecast. Oliver's been pretty busy explaining that his forecast methodology focused on just seven specific tools used in Web 2.0 deployments, and not the entire Web 2.0 market. It was an important clarification that addressed my questions about the costs related to generating user content or gardening collective intelligence. In particular, he noted that Web 2.0 tools... More

Drupal 6: Hot new themes

This video highlights the new theming features of Drupal 6. The themes, Pixture, Wabi, and Twilight, are the work of Hide Ito (Pixture), and utilize not only the Farbtastic color picker, but also the ability to adjust the width of the layout, and in the case of Twilight, a configurable header silhouette.
UPDATE: The process of configuring recolorable themes is described very well at... More

Drupal's Search Framework: The execution of a search

Drupal's ambitious search module provides a framework for building searches of all kinds. By isolating the tasks involved in searching, and allowing the actual search implementations to be handled by other modules, the search framework sets the stage for all sorts of creative search applications. This article, which applies to Drupal 6, explores the structure of the search framework by following the steps needed to execute a search.
## Stucture of a search
Here are the basic steps involved in searching:
1... More

Vote for Acquia @ Web 2.0 Launch Pad from your desk - in the next hour

The Launch Pad session at Web 2.0 Expo is getting started and you can join from your desktop. There's a good number of Drupal community folks here at the show, but you can participate from your desk.
The "winner" will be chosen by live audience voting via mozes. The SMS number will be announced at about 2:25 pm Pacific time. I'll tweet the SMS number on the Acquia twitter feed - here: http://twitter.com/acquia.
Stay tuned & vote!

Clay Shirky on growing the Drupal community

I am at Web2Open and participating in the rapid fire question and answer session. Clay Shirky, Web 2.0 keynote speaker, and author of "Here comes everybody" is at my table. Clay's ideas are like poetry which leaves me struggling to even think of a topic to discuss with him.
Clay talked about emergence and best practices in community participation. He asserted that the most effective and enduring communities are those centered around intellectual property. In contrast, he noted that most communities are event driven. For example, facebook started as a Harvard college social networking site... More

Web 2.0 Expo Day 1 Notes

Here are my notes from the Web 2.0 Expo Day 1.

Community Building: Good, Bad, and Ugly
Dawn Foster (Jive Software), Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester Research), Bob Duffy (Intel), Kellie Parker (PC World & Macworld)

Community managers represent the company to the community and the community to the company
What if you build a community and no one comes? Find the most passionate people and make them informal evangelists. And start blogging and podcasting. Offer incentives, t-shirts, drawings, and contests.
No mention of Drupal. Unsurprising because Jive was on the panel.

Creating a Coherent... More

Acquia is a Red Herring finalist

Acquia (my company) is part of an exceptional group of companies vying for the 2008 Red Herring 100 North America award. The award recognizes the top 100 privately held companies in North America. This is big because previous winners included companies like Google, Yahoo!, Skype, Netscape, Salesforce.com, and YouTube. It is still early days for Acquia but it is good to get noticed early on. The winners will be announced in May so fingers crossed ...

Big Week

Whew. Lots going on this week.
read more

Forrester study: Hot growth for Web 2.0 suites.... [ed. like Drupal]

On August 9th, 2007 the Drupal association was invited to participate in a study to size the global enterprise Web 2.0 market. We were invited since Drupal was associated with this technology market. Forrester wanted to get our insights and perspectives to help us with their research. The research and questions were answered by Troy Angrignon and myself. Troy and I discussed this report at Druaplcon Barcelona and he offered to help make some estimates of the Drupal business opportunity at the time.
The report... More

Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs...

For fans of one of the greatest action classics of all time, Die Hard, you'll remember East coast cop John McClane's sarcastic description of his invitation to come out to the west coast after he gets trapped in a building full of thieves.
This week Jeff, Bryan, and Barry from Acquia's Boston HQ will be here in San Francisco for Web 2.0. They won't be facing off against Eastern European safe crackers and corporate executive kidnappers. They'll be competing against six... More

The Minnesota Search Sprint

Continuing the great and growing tradition of bringing people together in small groups to attack focused problems, a search related code sprint has been planned. From May 9 to 11, in the headquarters of the University of Minnesota Libraries, a small but dedicated group of Drupal coders will be melding minds to bring forth the next generation of Drupal search.
## Why Search?
Drupal has a great search module. The search index it builds powers search on Drupal.org and thousands of other sites. It is a critical piece of the... More

Dries Selected as a Business Week Best Young Entrepreneur of Tech

This is really cool and very well deserved. Dries was selected by Business Week magazine as a Best Young Entrepreneur of Tech.
Dries is "among a handful of innovators who are building businesses and products aimed at other companies and who were identified in a survey of venture capitalists and BusinessWeek editors and readers as some of this year's most promising young technology entrepreneurs."
It's great recognition... More

BussinessWeek's Young Entrepreneurs of Tech

It is a real honor and privilege that BusinessWeek included me on their list of top 30-and-under innovators for 2008. I'm very happy to see Drupal getting this level of recognition from the business world. What BusinessWeek only hints at, though, is the importance of all the thousands of people, including my new colleagues at Acquia, who are working every day to make Drupal great. This is a big... More

Shining the light on Acquia and Drupal

Things are cooking here at Acquia - with lots happening to spread the word about Acquia and Drupal.
First - Dries was named one of Tech’s best young entrepreneur’s today by Businessweek.com. It’s a good piece & Dries got great billing in the article. Congratulations, Dries - well deserved .
Next in the exciting news category, last week, we learned Acquia was one of six companies chosen to present at the ... More

Drupal at MySQL expo day 2 and 3

Here's how the MySQL expo went by the numbers:
* 145 Drupal rocks mini business cards were handed out. Actual size image on the right.
* I talked directly with approximately 115 people. 69 of those people were either aware of Drupal, considering, or in some advanced stage of using Drupal.
* I am on the fifth day of trying out my new social publishing elevator pitch, and it's going really well.
* Drupal is being adopted as the new developer community web platform of choice. Even other web application frameworks are using... More

Joining an Open Source Company

Joining Acquia not only marks the earliest stage that I’ve joined a company, but also the first time I’ve joined a commercial Open Source company. This was one of the main reasons I chose to join the company. Managing a services business at an Open Source software company creates some interesting challenges compared to my past experience in traditional software and consulting businesses.

There’s more than one culture to adapt to. When you join an Open Source company, you not only need to adjust to your company’s culture, but you need to become an active... More

Minneapolis: Hub of the Drupalverse?

As a native Bostonian, I'm pretty hesitant about calling something the "hub" of anything. I have to go reconsider my instinct as I look at the Drupal events scheduled for the week of May 5-11 in Minneapolis. That week, the Twin Cities will host two opportunities for training, the Drupal search sprint, and a the Minnesota Bar Camp (minnebar). For that week, the Hub of the Drupalverse has clearly shifted to the American Midwest.
Kicking off the agenda is the [Lullabot Training](http://www.lullabot.com/training), who will offer their theming and... More

Andy and Selena's video on when to use Drupal or Wordpress

Andy and Selena did a great presentation this weekend at LUGRadio. Andy's posted the video on her site.

Drupal at MySQL conference day 1

I am at the MySQL conference and expo in Santa Clara, CA this week. I am representing Drupal at the dot org pavilion. There was no expo on Monday, so I spent my day arranging a Drupal Birds of a Feather for Wednesday, at 7:30PM and working with Sooz on perfecting the Drupal booth kit.
I spent most of my day meeting and talking with MySQL folks. I apologize for the shameless name dropping.
CEO Martin Meekos - I asked Martin how he planned to grow MySQL’s contributor base beyond the one hundred to one hundred and fifty developers they have now. He indicated they had a large ecosystem of tools... More

Cloud Computing and Drupal

<p>Dries has an interesting post on <a href="/%3Ca%20href%3D"http://buytaert.net/drupal-in-the-cloud">cloud">http://buytaert.net/drupal-in-the-cloud">cloud computing as it relates to Drupal</a>. There have been a bunch of recent announcements and things are generally heading in the right direction. According to Dries, getting Drupal in the cloud is all about making relational databases scale. <a href="/%3Ca%20href%3D"http://buytaert.net/drupal-in-the-cloud">Check">http://buytaert.net/drupal-in-the-cloud">Check it out</a>.</p>... More

A skeptic plans a certification program

One of my responsibilities at [Acquia](http://acquia.com) is overseeing the development of our [certification program](http://acquia.com/wiki/projects/yellow-jersey). We're creating this program to establish baseline credentials for working with our commercially supported distribution of [Drupal](http://drupal.org) (codenamed [Carbon](http://acquia.com/projects/wiki/carbon)\) and our [Spokes](http://acquia.com/projects/... More