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SEO best practices webinar

We recently launched free live webinars on acquia.com. Accessible by anyone, these live interactive webinars are typically scheduled on Thursdays at 1pm ET/10am PT/6pm GMT. This Thursday I have invited Ben Finklea from Volacci to present on SEO Best Practices for your Drupal Site.
Ben and the team at Volacci are authors of the SEO Checklist module for Drupal. Ben will discuss best practices for on-page SEO and then walk through a demo of the... More

The private lives of public IPs and EC2 security groups

As many of you know, I’m working on a Hosted Search product at Acquia. We’re building a pretty cool page where you can get some analytics on your search index and what people are searching for. Here is the deets on Dries’s site (hope he doesn’t mind ;0 )
Uploaded with plasq’s Skitch!
For this, we’re using Splunk... More

Mark Boulton to help with Drupal 7

Drupal's steep learning curve filters out far too many smart, motivated people who could benefit from Drupal. We see it all the time in the Drupal.org forums, in my "State of Drupal" surveys, on Twitter, when talking to customers, and on the web. Even though we've made significant progress with making Drupal easier to use, a lot of work is left to be done. With other content management systems such as Joomla! and WordPress making strides to catch up to Drupal in terms of development flexibility, if we want Drupal to remain competitive, we have a challenge we have to face: we need to create... More

Acquia Podcast 10: Interview with Earl and Lynette Miles

In this podcast, Robert Douglass sits down with the entire Miles family to talk about Drupal. Earl and Lynette talk about the experience writing their upcoming Drupal book, Drupal's Building Blocks: Quickly Building Websites with CCK, Views and Panels. In addition, you can download the manuscript in progress atSafari Rough Cuts online.

Acquia Podcast 9: Interview with NowPublic's Mike Meyers

Robert Douglass sits down with Mike Meyers, CTO and Co-founder on NowPublic.com. NowPublic is a pioneer in the field of citizen journalism - a participatory news network which mobilizes an army of reporters to cover the events that define our world. Learn how NowPublic is using Drupal as a powerful social publishing platform to build its media business.

Drupal.org redesign code sprints: update 1

Last week, we met at DrupalCamp Köln in Germany to start planning the Drupal.org redesign work. The intent of the meeting was to get a better handle on the work ahead of us, and to make preliminary design decisions. Further, we're starting to establish how we'll work together, and ultimately, how we scale out the work in the future.
We all went home from Germany with additional work to do:
Olav Schettler is researching... More

Get a scholarship to DrupalCon 2009 in Washington DC

I can hardly wait to go do DrupalCon 2009 in Washington DC. If you’re as excited about DrupalCon as I am, but are having a hard time finding the money you’d need to attend, perhaps you should apply for one of the 20 scholarships that are being awarded. Anybody in financial need can apply:
So who will these scholarships go to? People who are actively developing with Drupal, who would benefit from attending DrupalCon, and who are already helping the community.

The applications... More

DrupalCamp Köln wrapup

Last weekend, I attended DrupalCamp Köln in Germany. It was great to put my feelers out in the German Drupal community and to talk with so many Drupal users and developers. Executive summary: the German Drupal community is going strong. Thanks for your hospitality!

The welcome note with Thomas Narres (Narres Open Web Solutions), Robert Douglass (Acquia) and... More

Drupal birthday cake

Because Drupal turned 8 years old last week, I got the Acquia team a special birthday cake. Pictures have since emerged so I'm sharing a couple of them here. Yum, yum!

Jeff makes sure that I get a taste too.


Supporting Customers, Not Just Modules

Dries recently blogged about our recent change to “support everything Drupal 6” and I’d like to expand on the details a bit. It’s one of many changes we’re likely to make as we learn how to shape our offerings to better serve the Drupal end-user and consulting communities.
The "big aha!" is that we’re supporting Drupal customers vs Drupal modules.
What exactly is “support”?
Acquia Support helps subscribers configure and fix their Drupal 6 (and above, when later versions are released) sites on a wide variety of platforms.... More

Making Module Installation Easy for Acquia Search

Jeff Noyes (our Simplicity Guru), Linea Rowe, Peter Wolanin and myself sat down to discuss how the install process for our Hosted Search Service would look (yes, we’re getting close – Private Beta is out in two weeks)! Typically, when you have a faceted search engine, there is a set of filters on the left and search results on the right, with the sorting links generally horizontally aligned somewhere near the search box.
Here are a few examples from around the web:... More

Drupal.org redesign code sprints

As promised, we're organizing a series of sprints to help push the drupal.org redesign closer to completion. The drupal.org redesign is a massive project, and, when implemented, will be an important milestone for our community.
The Drupal.org website was originally launched in 2001 and last redesigned in 2005; over time we've simply outgrown it. The community has made it clear that new features were needed, and the Drupal... More

Migrating the Drupal way. Part IV: helping your admins with hook_help() and Advanced Help

Training is a huge consideration when moving to a new software platform. You have to ask yourself, how steep is the learning curve? How many people do you have to train? How many of those people are going to drag their feet? It has been my experience that no matter how much easier the new solution is, people still resist change. Sooner or later, you will have to send them off and running. For the fourth installment of my migration blog, I'm going to recommend leveraging Drupal's built in help functions as well as the Advanced Help module to make the... More

DrupalCamp Köln

On January 17-18, I'll be in Germany to attend DrupalCamp Köln (aka DrupalCamp Cologne) and hang out with the German Drupal community. DrupalCamp Köln is organized by Thomas Narres, Daniel Niehaus, Jürgen Brocke, Torsten Zenk, Florian Latzel, and others in the Köln/Bonn users group.
The venue is sponsored by GFU, a leading German IT training organization. Other sponsors include Host Europe, the Kölner Internet Union,... More

Acquia supports everything Drupal 6

Last year, Acquia opened for business, offering commercial support for a defined software distribution called Acquia Drupal. One could purchase commercial support for all the modules in Acquia Drupal. As I mentioned last week in my 2009 predictions for Drupal, one of the things we learned relatively fast is that people wanted more than just Acquia Drupal. They wanted support for all modules, themes and custom code.
No surprise, but when we set out to build Acquia... More

Drupal Ubercart training in Cologne, Germany

On January 19 and 20, 2009, in Cologne Germany, Commerce Guys and AF83 will be joining forces to offer Drupal Ubercart training (registration link). Drupal is a leading web content management system, and Ubercart is a full e-Commerce solution and shopping cart that is built on top of Drupal.
In the training you will learn how to build a web site for a rock band... More

My predictions for 2009

It is that time of year again. Time to reflect on 2008, and to put on my Drupal Nostradamus hat and look forward to 2009. But first of all, thanks for 2008! It's been a pretty crazy ride.
My personal Drupal highlights for 2008 include the Drupal 6 release (the best Drupal release ever!), both DrupalCon Boston and DrupalCon Szeged, the Drupal.org redesign that is in progress, and, of course,... More

Happy New Year - taking the rest of the year off

It has been a really exciting year at Acquia and I am celebrating with Champagne with my colleagues at Acquia for a couple of reasons, one of them being the New Year. It has been a lot of fun the last few weeks helping our sales team deal with a huge amount of interest in our new products.
I just literally finished helping a customer who called in this afternoon to evaluate and buy a professional subscription at 11:59PM EST. I am taking the rest of the year off, all 3 hours of it. Here's looking to a successful 2009!


Acquia Podcast 8: Interview with FunnyMonkey's Bill Fitzgerald

In this podcast, Robert Douglass sat down Bill Fitzgerald from FunnyMonkey at Do It With Drupal to talk about Bill's new book, Drupal for Education and E-learning and to get an update on things at Funny Monkey. Bill talks about FunnyMonkey Commons, a platform for teachers and educators built on Drupal.

Migrating the Drupal way. Part III: managing multiple sites with Drupal

OK, you've got a few sites. Maybe you are a company with a handful of product sites, or maybe you are a university with hundreds of department sites. When working with more than one site you will inevitably run into problems with maintenance, revision control, deployment and the like. For my third installment on migrating to Drupal, I'd like to show you how using Multisite installations can make your life a whole lot easier.
Drupal Multisite
Drupal natively allows you to run multiple sites from a single installation. These sites can act as... More

Fields in core code sprint debrief

I just got back from the Fields in core code sprint at Acquia that I helped organize. Our participants all had the same goal for this five-day sprint: get CCK functionality into Drupal 7. The participants were Yves (CCK maintainer), Karen (CCK maintainer), Barry Jaspan (CCK contributor),... More

ApacheSolr search presentation from Do it With Drupal

Last week Acquia sent me to New Orleans to be a speaker at Lullabot's Do it With Drupal conference. The conference went very well and I gave a presentation about ApacheSolr, and how faceted search will change the way you think about finding things on your site. Since Acquia recently announced that we will be launching a hosted Solr search service even more people have shown interest in ApacheSolr. My next talks on ApacheSolr will be at DrupalCamp Cologne... More

Acquia at DIWD, Dude

If you didn't get a chance to attend DIWD (Do it with Drupal) - apparently pronounced "Dude" - you definitely missed out. Bryan, Linea, Chuck, Robert, Gábor and I all boarded planes on Tuesday to head down to New Orleans for the three-day event. None were disappointed.
Gábor deified
We six Acquians spent three days rotating between booth duty, attending seminars, presenting seminars, talking Drupal and enjoying lots of good food. There were all types of attendees from... More

S-Files: Customizing a theme with a sub-theme

This is the first in a two-part post about creating a sub-theme and using the sub-theme to customize the display of a views block on an Acquia Drupal site. The first installment will include creating the sub-theme and adding some CSS. In part two we'll get into updating the theming for a views block.
One of the questions that comes up frequently in providing support for Drupal is how to make changes to the theme. There is, of course, the option of opening up the files and making the desired changes directly. However this method causes no end of problems when it comes time to upgrade. However... More