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The S-Files: Getting the most out of Comment Notify

Tech Support Case Studies
If Facebook has shown us anything, it's that website users like to get timely notifications via email if there is something new to be seen on the site. Acquia Drupal includes the comment notify module that can help achieve this goal for your site. It sends email messages to content authors and commentators whenever new comments are added to content. There are ample subscription options to suit everyone, and an unsubscribe mechanism so that nobody has to endure unwanted items in their... More

Help Acquia help Gartner with social software report

You might remember that a while ago, Drupal was promoted to the 'Visionaries' category in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace. For someone unfamiliar with all the social software vendors and projects, the choice can be overwhelming and Gartner's reports can carry a lot of weight in the decision making process. Drupal's promotion to the 'Visionaries' category was a big win for all of us.
The social software market is evolving fast, and in response Gartner is working on a presentation that... More

Drupal Gardens launches in private beta

I have a pretty big update for you: we just launched Drupal Gardens into private beta. Since the first public Drupal Gardens demo at DrupalCon Paris, a lot of progress has been made. Today, we sent private beta invites to the first people that signed up to be beta testers, and if things go well, we'll send out a couple thousand more invitations over the next few weeks.
For those who received an invite, building Drupal sites just got easier. Drupal Gardens is a hosted version of Drupal so you don't have to... More

Announcing Drupal Gardens Preview Webinar

I am very excited to announce our first webinar for Drupal Gardens Beta. On Thursday, January 28th at 1 pm EST, Acquia will be demonstrating Drupal Gardens and walking through the major features of Gardens. Drupal Gardens is a hosted version of Drupal 7 designed for any organization wanting to build social sites easily and quickly, backed up by the power of Drupal. Building microsites for launching a new product, a campaign or event, or forming a community site has never been this easy in Drupal. Drupal Gardens highlights:
Social Publishing is made simple with Drupal Gardens including a... More

NVidia using Drupal

NVidia recently launched their new Tegra developer community on Drupal. See http://developer.nvidia.com/tegra. The announcement of the latest Tegra 2 chipset was one of the major news items at CES earlier this month. The Tegra 2 chipset incorporates 8 independent processors to handle web browsing, HD video encoding/decoding as well as mobile gaming, all with very... More

OpenSource.com launches on Drupal

Red Hat just launched OpenSource.com on Drupal. The site will focus on exploring what happens when the open source way is applied to the world, beyond technology. The site has 5 main channels: business, education, government, law, and life. In each channel, they'll explore how open source is having an impact on each of those areas. The content is meant to be very conversational and participatory, making Drupal a natural choice. Needless to say, it is great to see Drupal being used to... More

Design4Drupal Stanford: User Experience Improvements in Drupal 7 presentation

Yesterday we held the second Design4Drupal event at the Stanford Law School. This was an all day event focused on Design and Drupal. I gave a talk which was a combination of two other presentations. I used:
Angie Byron's, What's new in Drupal 7. I used 35 slides from that deck.
Davy Van Den Bremt's Drupal 7 - What's new (from an end-user perspective) ? I also used 35 slides, mostly screen shots from that deck
Here's the PDF... More

Acquia Podcast 14: Dries Buytaert, Managing growth of an Open Source project

In this podcast, Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier, openSUSE community manager, talks with Dries Buytaert, founder and project lead for Drupal, and co-founder of Acquia, about the creation and development of the open source content management project. They also discuss how the project was conceived, why it has grown and where its going.

The S-Files: When node_load won't load, and the anonymous user has vanished

Tech Support Case Studies

Use these two SQL commands to repair your Drupal 6 site to restore the anonymous user database record:

INSERT INTO users (name, mail) VALUES ('', '');UPDATE users SET uid=0 WHERE name='';

The symptoms you'll see that tip you off that this is needed:

node_load() is not loading nodes that you can prove are in the node table.
node_delete() is not deleting nodes that you can prove are in the node table.
The query SELECT * FROM users WHERE uid=0; returns zero rows.

The reason you have to INSERT INTO and then UPDATE is because of the autoincrement... More

Bipartisan Drupal: Scott Brown elected to the Senate using Drupal

Last night Scott Brown, the republican candidate for Senate in Massachusetts, was elected in a special election to fill Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate.
Drupal has strong roots in the progressive left, through the Howard Dean campaign, and CivicSpace. This certainly isn't in the first republican Drupal site, but it was a high profile site for an important election that could change the direction of the country.
You can check out Scott Brown's campaign site, built in Drupal.

Try Drupal 7 Alpha on your laptop or desktop

If you aren't a professional Drupal developer, or Drupal system admin you might be challenged to get an early preview of Drupal 7. Content professionals, designers, project managers, Drupal business people may be challenged get a working web infrastructure set-up just to check out Drupal 7.
Here is an easy way to get Drupal 7 running on your laptop or desktop. There is also professional documentation for the Acquia stack installer.
Download and install the Acquia Stack Installer for OSX, Windows, or Linux with our .deb... More

Open Government, a citizen's excitement

How refreshing it is when the US Government does something so right that my chest swells with pride and my heart fills with hope! How exciting it is that Drupal and Acquia can play a role in bringing openness to government. I'm referring to the Open Government Directive (OGD), an instruction from the President of the United States to all federal agencies to drastically change the way that government talks to and shares... More

Wake-Up call for media marketers

Last week, I was able to contribute an advice column to Media Posts’ Online Media Daily. In it I talk about what media companies, and specifically media marketers, need to do to take their websites to the next level. At the end of the day it comes down to knowing your audience and building a site that keeps your audience engaged and ultimately serve as your brand’s ambassador. Here are the tips I shared. Comment here to share other best practices and insight.
What do media companies really need to take their websites to the next level? With social media came an influx of blogs, wikis, and... More

Acquia 2009 retrospective

Yesterday I shared my 2009 retrospective on Drupal along with some predictions for 2010. Today, I want to reflect on Acquia's 2009, as for obvious reasons, Acquia has been a big part of my life in 2009.
At the end of 2007, we had convinced ourselves -- and our investors -- that there was a market for Drupal support and Drupal-related products. In 2008, we built a great team and grew from two employees early in the year to thirty people by the end of 2008... More

Acquia - 2009 in Review

I was so proud of what our team accomplished in 2009 that I wrote a couple of different versions of our accomplishments. I posted one last week. However, after thinking about it some more, I was so excited by specific achievements, that I decided to post this version as well, which lists many of them. As Acquia is deeply involved in the Drupal community, I’ll sprinkle in some key milestones for Drupal that we were involved in, but as always, the credit for Drupal achievements goes to the broader Drupal community, of which Acquia... More

The S-Files: Adding a custom sort to Acquia Search (Apache Solr)

Tech Support Case Studies
We've received several inquiries about adding custom sorts to the the sorting block on search results for our popular Acquia Search product. This is fortunately quite easy, though it currently involves preparing a custom module that implements one hook:hook_apachesolr_prepare_query(&$query)
<?php   function hook_apachesolr_prepare_query(&$query) {     // You can get the 'solr_field_name' from q=admin/reports/apachesolr     $query->set_available_sort('solr_field_name', array(       // how the sort link... More

2009 Perspective

It was a very good year
As we’re just a few days away from 2010, I’ve been reflecting on the momentum Acquia has built over the last year. Based on our reception by the market, and the steady rise in enterprise acceptance of social computing, it’s clear 2010 will be a significant year both for our company and Drupal.
Fueled in part by the economic crisis, open source software was one of the big winners in 2009 and Drupal was no exception. Many more businesses were looking at open source as a viable technology platform to replace legacy, proprietary software. On the web content management... More

Waking up the Brand

Marketing and Drupal in 2010: Why my fellow marketers need to get over the idea that Drupal is for "geeks only" and plan for the new year with open source in mind
To be honest, I’m not even sure if marketers have had the opportunity to “get over” the technical misconceptions about Drupal. Because quite frankly, they don’t realize that the open source platform is a great marketing tool in the first place. It’s obvious to me why Drupal should be in the toolbox of every corporate and digital marketer (I’m biased), but is it to most marketing professionals? Probably not. That’s why I’ve come... More

Webinar: Search Engine Optimization for the Drupal.org Redesign

As promised, here is the recorded webinar on SEO for the Drupal.org redesign.

A couple of weeks ago we prepared to do a live webinar and take questions from the community about Drupal.org SEO. Unfortunately, I was not familiar with all the features of our webinar software. The result was that no attendees were able to attend the webinar, and the webinar was recorded in a proprietary format. Fortunately, Forest Mars was able to decode it and so I've now made it available.
If... More

Features used by 80% of social sites

You might have seen our plans for Drupal Gardens which will be a way to build a Drupal site very quickly. While you'll be able to build any kind of site you need on Drupal Gardens, we're spending a lot of time to make sure that we make it easy for people to build very social sites to promote campaigns, events, products, and businesses. And by social, we mean a site that encourages people to participate and that leverages other social networks.
We'll include a set of social features that most all sites need when we launch:
User profiles... More

Open Source, Automotive Manufacturing & Obscurity

I’m very puzzled by the recent blog by Brian Prentice of Gartner. Comparing just-in-time manufacturing to open source software? Perhaps Brian is thinking of open source components like Apache Tomcat, which is often nestled inside of proprietary software solutions. But comparing an automobile which essentially remains unchanged after manufacturing to a software product that is constantly improved with new releases?... More

Open Government Directive and Drupal

On his very first day in office, President Obama directed all federal agencies to break down barriers to transparency, participation, and collaboration between the federal government and the people it is to serve. Last week, the Obama administration published the Open Government Directive (OGD). The directive, sent to the head of every US federal department and agency, instructs the agencies to take specific actions to open their operations to the public. The three principles of transparency, participation, and... More

Video demo of new Drupal Gardens theme builder features

Some of you may have seen the first Gardens video posted a couple of months ago that shows a pre-alpha version of Drupal Gardens. This new demo video shows you some of the new features we've added to give you more control over the design of your site theme. We want you to be able to design a site with a home page that looks different from interior pages. It's fine for a blog site to have the same layout on all pages, but other kinds of sites need a home page that looks different. The demo also shows the fine-grained point and click... More

Drupal and the Open Government Initiative Directive: Webinar on Thursday

On Tuesday, the Federal CTO, Aneesh Chopra and CIO Vivek Kundra announced the open government initiative directive. The directive has 4 steps: Publish Government Information Online, Improve the quality of government information, create and institutionalize a culture of open government, and create an enabling policy framework for open government.
CTO Chopra and CIO Kundra Launch Open Government Plan
Today at Acquia we are kicking off a webinar series to address the Open Government Directive. Our first Acquia Webinar today is: The Open Government Directive and Open Source Social Publishing... More

Social Publishing Panel at Gilbane Boston

Tomorrow I will be joining a number of industry leaders for a panel discussion at Gilbane Boston entitled Social Publishing and WCM, on the intersection of the social software and web content management markets. Moderated by Kathleen Reidy, Senior Analyst at The 451 Group, this certainly won’t be the first time we’ve discussed this crossroads with her, but as we close out 2009 and... More