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Drupal Gardens update - helping the designer

Yesterday we completed our pre-DrupalCon sprint and are excited to introduce several great new features, with a special focus on designers and site creators who need an awesome looking site. Specifically in this release we have added great support for professional fonts. As designers know, font selection is one key area where average web sites are separated from remarkable sites. In the past, font options for web sites were limited or complex to implement: you could create your own images with embedded expensive licensed fonts, or you could purchase, install and embed fonts yourself. Now... More

Acquia launches training program for Drupal

For a long time now, I've been saying that we need to train more Drupalistas. Almost every Drupal company I talked to is trying to hire talented Drupal developers, but can't find any, to the point that it is holding back Drupal's adoption.
To help train more Drupal users and developers around the world, Acquia will develop and maintain a Drupal training curriculum, and commercially license the curriculum to our partners so they can more easily deliver training to their customers.... More

Drupal Commons, meet Jive Software

DrupalCon San Francisco didn't even start, and already we have a first announcement to make! If you follow the Acquia blog, you might have read that we've begun building a free Drupal distribution, named "Drupal Commons", to go after social business software such as Jive Software. Drupal Commons will integrate groups, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, events into a single packaged solution. If you need a communication or collaboration website, or a corporate social network, Drupal Commons might be for... More

Drupal Training from Acquia

Acquia has long planned on offering Drupal learning services. While it has taken longer than we had hoped to mold our ideas, I’m very excited to share our plans just prior to the largest Drupalcon in history! The accelerating growth of Drupal has fueled a huge demand for knowledgeable designers and developers. The inability to educate new resources could soon hamper the pace of Drupal’s growth.
We threw around a few different models for curriculum development and training delivery, but always seemed to come back to the same place: Leverage our partner channel to deliver classes... More

Don't Jive Me

The market for business oriented social software solutions is exploding, for good reason. Organizations are learning that their employees, customers and business partners collaborate more effectively in the web 2.0, interactive web world.
At the same time, I thought that enterprises had started to learn a lesson about large, risky, proprietary software purchases. It would have been hard to miss Marc Benioff of Salesforce.com at conferences or in the press over the past 11 years, attacking the conventional software vendors’ licensing practices. And the folks at Red Hat and Canonical have... More

Advanced Apache Solr Example: IP-based Access

In the run-up to our talk "Apache Solr Search Mastery" at Drupalcon San Francisco, we decided that we would not have time to really cover all the advanced topics in the session. So we're going to put up a couple blog posts before hand to invite some discussion and encourage people to dig into the code ahead of time and then we can take questions at the end of the session or during a BoF.
This first post describes the elements of a module that implements a customized IP-address-based scheme for access control... More

Acquia Hosting: Now with Video Transcoding Support!

Acquia Hosting now supports video transcoding! Several hosting customers had requested access to ffmpeg, and we're pleased to augment our industry-leading Drupal hosting service with this important capability. One of our current customers uses this feature to customize their videos to whichever format their end users desire.
We're always looking for ways to improve the capabilities, reliability and performance of Acquia Hosting. Please keep the suggestions coming!
For more info:
FFmpeg http://www.ffmpeg.org/
Acquia Hosting:... More

Minimizing maintenance time while updating thousands of Drupal Gardens sites

In Drupal Gardens 2 month update Chris wrote about a number of the improvements to Drupal Gardens in our last sprint. I want to focus on our solution for a system that now lets us perform Gardens site upgrades with only a couple minutes of maintenance (site offline) time per site when running database updates. The problem was made a little more difficult by the custom domain feature that was also going live, so each Drupal site (database) might be referenced by multiple sites directories. I... More

Drupal Gardens 2 month update

Yesterday we completed our 3rd sprint since Drupal Gardens went into private beta at the end of January. Following our Scrum development process, the Acquia engineering teams commit to delivering new features and bug fixes in every 3 week sprint. Before each sprint the designers craft rough visuals or mock-ups of every major feature to be developed. Within each sprint new features are planned, developed, tested and documented and pushed live. It makes for an intense and fun three... More

Acquia Hosting Scales 10X for Major Music Festival

One of our newest hosting customers had a great success last week after moving their site to Acquia Hosting. They produce a major music festival being held in over 30 cities this summer.
They migrated their beautiful, Drupal-powered site to Acquia Hosting last week. One day later, tickets went on sale. Their traffic peaked at well over ten times what they'd led us to expect! Our monitoring alerts started going off about an hour before the tickets went on sale but well before the end users saw an impact.
Using our scalable, elastic architecture we were able to quickly upgrade their servers... More

Acquia Momentum- 2010 Kicks off with a Flurry of Activity

Coming up on one year since joining the company, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the progress Acquia has made recently, and which I have watched first hand. If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you’ve been seeing this growth on a regular basis; seeing the traction we’ve been having in hot markets such as government, media and publishing not to mention following all the technology developments taking place with our team and amongst the broader Drupal community.
However for those of you who aren’t “regulars” I thought I’d take a minute to recap some the milestones and benchmarks... More

Building enterprise social communities with Drupal

Lately we've heard from a growing number of enterprises looking to build community sites. These companies are asking:
Can I build a community site with Drupal?
How does Drupal compare to other options?
What modules should I use?
Are there examples of Drupal being used like this?
If you ask a Drupalist, they will say "Of course, Drupal can do it", and will point to http://groups.drupal.org as proof. But if you're a VP of Marketing or someone working to build a community, that site doesn't make it obvious how you can build community sites for
Discreet... More

Enterprise social communities and Drupal

Jay just posted a blog post, called Building enterprise social communities with Drupal, sharing a white paper that we have written at Acquia. In this white paper, we answer questions like: what kind of social features Drupal supplies, why Drupal is the best choice for building a social site, what Drupal modules are useful when building a social site, and some examples of successful enterprise Drupal communities.
The reason we wrote this white... More

Drupal Gardens 6 week update

In these early days of the Drupal Gardens beta, we are adding new features, beta testers, and cloud servers around the clock. Since our last update 3 weeks ago, thousands more beta testers have been added, and they have clicked to create thousands of new Drupal Gardens web sites. And of course, being a social platform, those sites in turn are attracting their own communities. It's a lot of fun watching the garden grow.
Recently we surveyed Drupal Gardens site creators, and... More

Druplipet, a Drupal chia pet

And the answer to yesterday's "Eye grow Drupal" question is: Druplipets. Hundreds of cute little Druplipets, your friendly Druplicon chia pet. Druplipet is the newest member of the Acquia and Drupal Gardens family and will be making appearances at industry events this year. It is making its first appearance at SXSW along with... More

Eye grow Drupal

Guess what is in these boxes?

Open Source in the Enterprise and in the Cloud

In a couple of weeks, I'll participate in a panel discussion on The Future of Open Source in Business. In preparation for that discussion, I figured I'd write down my current thoughts and solicit some feedback. I'll talk about two important trends relevant for the future of Open Source, but there are certainly more.
First, Open Source adoption in the enterprise is trending at an incredible rate -- Drupal adoption has grown a lot in 2009 but we saw by far the biggest relative growth in the enterprise. Fueling this movement... More

Acquia Team Drupalcon San Francisco Sessions - Vote Now

Acquia is excited to once again be a Platinum Sponsor of Drupalcon San Francisco. Its amazing to think the conference is right around the corner. It seems like just yesterday we just finished the Drupal Gardens preview session in Paris. At the same time, so much has happened between then and now.
The deadline to vote on Drupalcon sessions is approaching fast. The team at Acquia has submitted more than 20 proposals, including proposals by individuals from our engineering, operations, professional services, support, and marketing teams. Many of the... More

Future of Open Source Survey 2010

Like last year, I'll be attending the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) next month, on March 17-18 in San Francisco. Also like last year, I will participate in a panel discussion led by Michael Skok (Partner at North Bridge, Acquia Board Member and personal friend). This year, I'll be in a panel with Larry Augustin (CEO of SugarCRM, VA Linux, SourceForge), Jim Whitehurst (CEO of RedHat) and Tim Yeaton (CEO... More

Upgrading sites from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 - time to test it out!

With the second alpha release of Drupal 7 just out the door, a lot of effort has recently gone into making it possible to upgrade sites from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 (which is obviously a requirement for Drupal 7 to be released).
What's in store? Some new features for module developers, as well as an easier time for site administrators. Here's a quick rundown:
First, thanks to a lot of recent work by many people, the second alpha release of Drupal 7 should make it possible to at least test out upgrading a very basic Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7 (... More

Drupal Gardens 3 week update

It's been 3 weeks since we launched the Drupal Gardens private beta and the response has been incredible. Hundreds of Drupal 7 sites have been created and we are getting lots of great feedback on both Drupal 7 and new features testers would like to see in Gardens. A huge thank you to those of you who have provided feedback, keep up the great work!
In addition, we just pushed a new version of Drupal Gardens and following our agile development process, we'll be updating the service every 3 weeks with new features and bug fixes. In the most... More

Drupal Gardens, Microsites and Marketers: The Time is Finally Here!

A few weeks ago as most of you know we launched the first private beta version of Drupal Gardens, a project we’ve been working on for the last year and what we hope will be a huge step in taking Drupal to the masses.
For the seasoned Drupalist, Gardens definitely holds great potential and excitement. As Acquia’s co-founder Jay Batson noted, it’s an application that stands to usher in a new level of Drupal awareness and usage among a broad, non-developer base. This is not only... More

Acquia webinars now support Linux OS

Tomorrow is big day for the Acquia webinar program - the first webinars to offer access to attendees running Linux OS on their local machines. We have two sessions tomorrow with Dries Buytaert and Jeff Noyes on Drupal 7 entitled "Making Drupal 7 Simple to Use for Everyone" - one at 9am EST, 2pm UTC and then a second at 2:30pm EST, 11:30am PST, 7:30pm UTC for... More

Use Apache Solr to search in files

Drupal's file handling capabilities keep getting better. Beyond the core upload module, the filefield module for CCK has enabled us to build sites with all sorts of files; documents, images, music, videos, and so forth. Searching within these docuements, however, has never been a common feature on Drupal sites. Some solutions have existed, particularly for extracting texts from PDFs and common wordprocessing documents. With Apache Solr, the attachments module, and an extension... More