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Meet the YLE: Drupal at the Finnish national broadcaster

The Finnish national broadcasting company, YLE, must be one of the earliest institutional adopters of Drupal. They go all the way back to 2004 and Drupal 4.3! At the time, the YLE wanted community websites and commissioned Carl-Magnus Dumell, through the IT company he was working for at the time, to find a PHP-based product to launch their social web presence.

Carl-Magnus Dumell - How did you choose Drupal in 2004?

Even back then, "Drupal was without a doubt, the best solution there. When we looked under the hood, it was beautiful. The... More

Acquia U graduates

Do you remember what your first day on the job was like? Maybe it begins with an orientation by an HR administrator; where is the coffee, how do I get on the intranet, where is my nerf gun. For many software companies it goes more like "Here's a link to the wiki, version control creds are in your email, try not to screw anything up." As a self-made scrapper, I can totally respect a DIY orientation. Many consider it the first test, is the person ready to take initiative and figure things out for themselves? My first day at Acquia three and a half years ago was in this vein.

Planning for... More

Peddling LSD - Meet Chris Strahl and the Large Scale Drupal project

Before Drupal, Chris Strahl had a successful career running his own company, doing multi-million dollar implementations with proprietary software, but he always had a private fascination with open source. Finding himself unwilling to sell an "antiquated, technically unsound, incredibly expensive" SAP eCommerce product to his clients, he and his colleagues developed and sold a Drupal-based platform solution. It allowed customers to buy SAP Business Objects reports online via Drupal's go-to eCommerce solution of the day, Ubercart ... all for... More

Web Design and Development Survey 2012 - The Results Are In!

Recently Acquia sponsored .Net magazine’s Web Design and Development Survey 2012. The results are now in and below are some of the key findings. We were delighted by the response.
First, I’d like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all of you who took the time to participate in this important research. It helps us focus our resources on supporting you and your businesses in order to deliver more successful web projects. The survey results provide a look inside the developer community giving us all a better understanding of what the future may hold - and why.
Both Acquia and .Net magazine were... More

Making Drupal Products: Meet Ezra Gildesgame

Ezra Barnett Gildesgame is the Technical Lead of Acquia's Distribution Team. He is in charge of maintaining and developing Acquia's two distributions, COD (Conference Organizing Distribution) and Commons, the social business and collaboration distro. (Download them here: https://www.acquia.com/downloads.) His work goes into maintaining and improving these two Drupal products. The direct improvements made to the code go back to the repositories on Drupal.org, of course, but Ezra's work also helps the Drupal... More

Discovering Drupal

Being a consultant at Acquia means that I have an exciting and passionate job that I sometimes struggle to describe to my friends. That’s because I can and love being challenged in a variety of different ways to help create compelling and successful Drupal solutions. I guess I could just describe it to them that way, huh? :) Clients call on us to help at all stages of projects' timelines and our role can vary a lot. In this post I want to focus in how we help create the vision for projects and help them start the right way.
Most of our clients are big organizations where a website represents... More

Drupal Graduates Top of the Class

It’s that time of year again - graduation season! As we think about all the students that are finishing up their last assignments and getting ready to march to the beat of pomp and circumstance, universities are thinking about recruiting a fresh crop of students to welcome into next year’s class and beyond.
It’s no secret that today’s prospective students are more tech savvy than ever and have higher expectations when they are interacting on the web. As a result, university web sites can no longer be a version of the brochures they hand out college fairs. The web site is the focal point... More

Closing the Drupal talent gap 2: meet Addison Berry

Closing the Drupal talent gap 2 ... with Addison Berry, Director of Education at Lullabot. Addison is also the Product Manager of Drupalize.me, a video training portal that offers training resources for helping folks improve their Drupal. Some companies are using these resources to hire junior developers and help them get up to speed faster and more efficiently. A theme Erich Ludwig also addressed in ... More

Top Eleven Reasons to go to DrupalCon Munich

DrupalCon Munich, "Open up! Connecting Systems and People."

You still haven’t gotten your ticket to one of the largest web-developer conferences in Europe this year? It's going to be so amazing, I've got eleven reasons you should want to be there!

Register today! Early Bird pricing ends June 15th, 2012!

Eleven good reasons to be at DrupalCon Munich:

11. Keynote by Fabien Potencier

Drupal 8 will benefit from the power, simplicity, and community of the Symfony2 PHP framework.... More

Four Tenets of Hosting Drupal

Most weeks I am consulting with large clients ready to host or tune Drupal. Many of these clients are large Java/Oracle shops, some are non-tech companies just looking to build internal knowledge, and still others love open source and are simply new to PHP/MySQL applications. In any of these cases, they're often familiar (maybe in name alone) with most of the Drupal infrastructure buzzwords - Varnish, Memcached, Redis, APC, XHProf, etc. Most clients are excited and ready to hit the ground running, build out their screaming fast web sites on their newly procured, enterprise-level hardware.
As... More

Importing WordPress blogs into Drupal

At Acquia's Migration practice, we import all kinds of content into Drupal. In the course of some recent projects involving imports from WordPress blogs we have put the finishing touches on the WordPress Migrate module, and released it to the community. Built on the framework provided by the Migrate module, it provides a simple way to import... More

Global Drupal Learning Day

Global Drupal Day
Friday, June 22 has been designated by the Drupal Association as a "Global Drupal Day" - a day in which we will encourage as many people as possible to learn a little Drupal.
The goal here is to bring Drupal to the masses! One of the Drupal Association's 2012 goals is to educate more people on the Drupal project.
We have done this as a global training community once before - in February of this year. At that point, we had Acquia partners running events in Dublin (Ireland), Florida (USA), Oregon (USA), Massachusetts (... More

Interview with a Drupal Education Entrepreneur

I’m always seeking out entrepreneurs and their innovative business ideas and sometimes they’re found in unexpected places. I am especially drawn to education and the advancement of others through the teaching of new skills. These can then be leveraged for the greater good. Recently, I learned about Ashique Tanveer, who has been able to launch a successful Drupal training program working with his local education institution Montgomery College. Their combined efforts serve as a good model for others wishing to do the same. Ashique graciously consented to tell me his story and would be open to... More

Spark update: in-line editing in Drupal

The goal of the Spark distribution is to incubate authoring experience improvements in a Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. It was announced earlier this month, and since then we've been hard at work on initial research and design.
The Spark team's primary focus is on improving Drupal's content authoring and editing experience, and the first feature we're prioritizing is in-place editing: the ability to edit content, menus, etc. directly on the page, without... More

Student Training - Burlington, MA

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I often am using this as a soapbox from which to announce Free Student Training. And so - I return again today to do more of the same.
But I'll start with a little philosophy and context here before I get to the meat of newest set of offerings.
Acquia's training efforts are focused on growing the Drupal community by ensuring more and more people know how to use Drupal to build the most exciting and compelling web experiences possible. We know that by exposing people to the power of Drupal, and getting them up to speed as easily and... More

Announcing Our Partnership with NetSuite

In most enterprises today, the web is broken.
What started out 10 years ago as a handful of web sites has now exploded into dozens or even hundreds of digital experiences delivered across a plethora of devices. Many of these experiences are built on an array of products, are disconnected from each other, and are becoming increasingly costly to maintain. As businesses have gone digital, most are connected to a diversity of back-end systems for customer support, account management, commerce, finance, etc. The “ball of yarn” connecting these systems is overwhelming. The scariest part of all of... More

File import improvements for Migrate 2.4

The Migrate module is the leading tool for migrating data from an external application into Drupal. Migrate has been used to bring many world class sites onto Drupal, including The Economist, Martha Stewart and thousands more. The main theme of the upcoming Migrate 2.4 release is improved file handling on Drupal 7.
Media files and attachments are often the trickiest part of a site migration, and the previous... More

Measuring Community Participation in Open Source Projects: Data from Drupal.org

Measuring Community Participation in Open Source Projects: Data from Drupal.org
A defining aspect of open source software such as Drupal is the collaboration among multiple individuals and organizations on the same software.
So how do you measure the activity of contributors who are working on that software?
For Drupal-based projects, the issue queue and project usage statistics are two good sources of data for measuring participation.
This blog post discusses some of the data we consider within the Acquia Distributions team when tracking the community health of our... More

Drupal goes to Rock Center

NBC Universal is a world leader in media and entertainment and is headquartered in the mecca for these industries - Rockefeller Center in New York City.
This was the perfect venue to interview Rob Gill, Director, Operations and Christoper A. Herring, Director, Publishing Program of NBC Universal and hear them outline their reasons for selecting Drupal and how they implemented it within their vast organization. NBC Universal has 30 to 40 leading brands, such as Bravo, and has numerous internal constituencies it needed to include in order to create a platform all could leverage. Drupal... More

Our latest video: Maxim Magazine

As you may already know, Drupal has been heavily adopted by the Media, Entertainment and Publishing industries around the world - and for good reason. If you're a company that is content-rich, may need to scale your website quickly and sometimes without warning, and if your revenue streams are highly dependent upon your online presence and related channels like mobile, then Drupal is an unbeatable solution.
To give a better sense of who's using the technology and for what purpose, we've created numerous assets like these data sheets http://www.... More

10 Worthy Investments for Delivering a Truly Captivating Web Experience

Over the past decade, socialization on the Web has completely transformed how people consume information and interact with one another. Today’s marketing organizations now have the responsibility of capturing an integrated view of their customer across channels, while simultaneously promoting, delivering, and measuring engagement of those customers. This must be managed at every touchpoint along the customer journey all the way from initial response to checkout.
There is an underlying complexity associated with marketing with customer engagement. However, sophisticated digital marketers are... More

The Power of OpenSaaS at Warner Music Group

Last month, we announced the launch of Enterprise Drupal Gardens, our OpenSaaS site factory platform. As part of that announcement, Warner Music Group launched 80 artist sites on Enterprise Drupal Gardens - including Cody Simpson, T.I., B.o.B, Portugal, The Man, Stevie Nicks, Iron & Wine, Surfer Blood, JaneDear girls, Jason Derulo, Waka Flocka Flame, Shinedown, Paramore, Wiz Khalifa and... More

Drupal t-skirt!

by Heather
It's the Drupal t-skirt! You have a pile of Drupal t-shirts, you can knit some Drupal socks (by Emma Jane Hogbin), and now you can complete your outfit with a skirt.

Today was a day off in the UK. (Yay bank holidays!) I decided to breath new life into some of favorite Drupal t-shirts, though I couldn't bear to cut up my Drupal Gardens t-shirts, or ones by MortenDK. I sew, but I hate following patterns. I didn't seem to find... More

Announcing Spark: authoring improvements for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8

At DrupalCon Denver, I announced the need for a strong focus on Drupal's authoring experience in my State of Drupal presentation. During my core conversation later in the week, I announced the creation of a Drupal 7 distribution named "Spark" (formerly code-named "Phoenix"). The goal of Spark is to act as an incubator for Drupal 8 authoring experience improvements that can be tested in the field.
I... More