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ZDNet Names Drupal as a Top Community Platform

Dion Hinchcliffe over at ZDNet has named Drupal as one of the top ten leading platforms for creating online communities, one small notch behind Joomla. The first part of Dion's post explains the current state of online community building practices and technology. Dion does a lot of consulting with top companies seeking to build communities around their products and services, and his insights are on target.
Although I would have put Drupal in the #1 spot, I really like Dion's brief description of Drupal:

Drupal is one of the darlings of the community world and would come first on this list for many in the community business. It’s a highly capable, mature, and extremely popular community platform that includes the usual features as well as workflow features, support for OpenID, granular user security, and much more. Drupal is developed in PHP, is open source, and has several thousand 3rd party modules available for it as well.

This classification of Drupal as a community platform works, but that's only one way to touch the Drupal elephant. In truth, Drupal works just great as "just" a CMS, a blogging platform, a forum system, a wiki system, and even a simple e-commerce site. This flexibility is an inherent part of the Drupal goodness.

Here's the link:Ten leading platforms for creating online communities - ZDNet Blogger Dion Hinchcliffe


Posted on by Anonymous (not verified).

Joomla? That invalidates the list right there for me.

I wonder what Hinchcliffe meant by this, "[Drupal] would come first on this list for many in the community business". So I wonder why it isn't on the top...

Posted on by Craig (not verified).

The ordering of systems on that list isn't based on "best software", the ordering is based on popularity. I agree that Drupal is the better software, however unfortunate, I don't believe Drupal is necessarily more popular than Joomla.