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What's your view on the Future of Open Source?

In what has become an annual tradition at the Open Source Business Conference, Michael Skok of North Bridge Venture Partners will host a keynote panel discussion on the Future of Open Source. Dries Buytaert will be participating on the panel, in addition to Marten Mikos of Sun/MySQL, Ron Hovsepian of Novell, John Roberts of SugarCRM, and John Lilly of Mozilla-Firefox.

The panel will be discussing key trends in open source software centered on the results of a short online survey of OSBC attendees and members of key open source communities. This is a great opportunity for the Drupal community to register its opinion on open source trends at the link below.

Click here to take the Future of Open Source survey

Last year's survey results presentation are below. One of the hottest topics of conversation this year will likely be the impact the economy is having on open source technology. Specifically, whether enterprises are changing their practices around adoption and deployment of open source offerings based on changing economic realities.