US Departments of Commerce, Education, and Veteran Affairs present introduction to government social publishing with Drupal

This morning, at 9AM, I am excited to co-present with 5 Drupalers from the Departments of Commerce, Education, and Veteran Affairs.

Introduction to Government Social Publishing

Americans are interacting online with Government increasing numbers. Unfortunately, most of that online interaction is a one-way conversation. Americans are getting information, or submitting transactions through government sites. Instead, Americans are turning to online policy groups, social networks, and micro blogs to talk about government, away from government web sites.

In this introductory session, we will quickly review the results from the How Americans Interact online with Government. We will explain what social publishing is, and how it can allow the conversation Americans are having with and about government to be integrated into government websites.

We will help set-up every attendee up with a local or online copy of Drupal if they have a laptop.

We will then review Drupal sites from the Department of Commerce, including, and data visualization site from the Department of Education, and a collaboration intranet from the Department of Veteran Affairs. Presenters include:

  • Neil Sroka - Director of New Media
  • Dennis Sutch - Project manager,
  • Tim Wood - IT Specialist,
  • Jason Hoekstra - Technology Solution advisor
  • Kirsten Burgard - IT Specialist, Department of Veteran Affairs

After reviewing what's possible with Drupal, we will finish with a quick overview of basic Drupal concepts like: content nodes, content types, blocks, menus, modules, and views.

We will finish the session with a Q&A session and explain how to get involved, and engaged with the Drupal community.