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Testing Sprint in Paris

I started working with Rok and Charlie about code coverage using phpcoverage. Talked w/Andy Kirkham about using straight xdebug instead. Ultimately testing.drupal.org will probably go w/xdebug directly but Andy and Kevin Bridges probably know more about that.

Jimmy mentioned there wasn't a lot of work left on functional tests to do. I was waiting for code coverage analysis to see if there where holes in the test coverage. In the meanwhile, I investigated using runkit and mock-functions and started talked with Jimmy about it, but shortly after Károly showed up. Károly proposed a different approach to runkit, it wasn't clear that he wanted me to help, he got a little upset when he found out I wasn't. (Sorry Károly, wasn't intentional)

I made a small contribution to run the functional tests from CLI, then mostly provided feedback by running the tests on my local system about which tests were failing.

I did come away with a mission though and created a project
I still think mock-function show a lot of promise. Thread here related to that.
And immediately got started working with Aaron Stewball on Google code project for mock-functions which I'm excited about.

Also I'm not found of the decision to fork simpletest for Drupal, an entirely separate issue. I hope that eventually works out.

I evangelized the simpletest eclipse plugin with Roel De Meester who was there for the DrupalCamp, but was nice enough to help out the testing sprint. We showed each other a few tricks with eclipse. I emailed a bit with Steven Balthazor who created the simpletest eclipse plugin, shortly after he posted this email
which talked about a whole new plugin better integrated with PDT

So I got involved in a number of projects, I guess part of settling in with Drupal is finding your spot in the Drupal cloud that you find important, I made great progress toward that :)


Posted on by moshe weitzman (not verified).

I have drush module running simpletests from the command line. drush is available for D5 and D6. I haven't looked into how well it runs on HEAD but I will soon.

Posted on by Roel De Meester (not verified).

Just to let you know that you're not the only one having reservations on forking simpletest.
You can read my personal opinion on http://krimson.be/en/s impletest-drupal-7.
Bottomline is that i think it's better to refactor simpletest and make it more modular. So that it can keep it's current power, but provided by some CORE classes (to be included in Drupal) and extra extensions|plugins|contributions to provide the full functionality set. Eclipse has done it, Drupal has done, .. Simpletest should do it.

Posted on by Roel De Meester (not verified).

On http://dev eloop.be/running_simpletest_drupal_eclipse you can find a step-by-step tutorial on howto setup eclipse to run simpletest.