Social Publishing in the Enterprise: Industry Case studies from Drupalcon to convince your technical executives

For Drupalcon San Francisco I lead the "Leveraging Drupal for your Business" track. Within the track there was a "Social Publishing in the Enterprise" sub-track designed to tell the story of how enterprises are succeeding with Drupal.
At Acquia, one of my jobs is to help explain Drupal's capabilities to Enterprises. These case studies help tell the business success stories that can convince technical executives that they can succeed with Drupal in their enterprises. The first step is convincing technical executives that they are not unnecessarily taking risks, in effect that Drupal is a safe bet.

If you are a developer advocating for Drupal to be used in your enterprise, or if you are a Drupal consultant competing in a web content management proposal for an enterprise you may find these case studies useful. The

  1. Case Studies in Academia: Drupal at ASU & Johns Hopkins Knowledge for Health
  2. The Future of Drupal in Government
  3. Social Analytics for 120 Warner Bros. Records Artist sites
  4. Case Studies in Social Commerce: Waste Management's Greenopolis &
  5. Enterprise trends: Analyst panel - CMS experts
  6. An enterprise approach to securing your Drupal sites
  7. Case Studies in Publishing: Time Out NY and Taunton Press
  8. Adopting a Standard for the Enterprise: A Case Study of Florida Hospital

Once technical leaders are convinced their industry peers have succeeded, they will next move to a due diligence phase to address concerns like: security, scalability, performance, integration, and maintainability. If you need help with this feel free to check the Acquia resources page or various expert topic groups on and Planet Drupal. If you would like to talk to someone directly you can also contact me at 978-296-5234.