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Opinions wanted: how can Acquia's Drupal documentation rock more?

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Posted on by quicksketch (not verified).

I was a little surprised to see the Webform module in Acquia Drupal (as the author you think I'd know these things!) But now that's it's part of Acquia Drupal, I'm even more disappointed to not see it used for Acquia's own surveys. The continued use of Survey Monkey is a vote of non-confidence in Drupal, Webform, and Acquia's own product.

Something not right with Webform? Patches accepted.

Posted on by mhaag (not verified).

Nate, thanks for your input. Perhaps we should make it clearer, but Acquia Drupal a just particular, useful packaging of modules that are already on d.o. Acquia doesn't charge for Acquia Drupal itself, or the contrib modules within. Acquia Drupal is freely available, as is our documentation, even without a subscription to Acquia Network. And we're surprised that you were surprised about the inclusion of webform, since we email all the included modules' maintainers before putting out each Acquia Drupal release.

As far as confidence in Drupal, we use Drupal for acquia.com, for our tech support systems, for our company intranet, for tracking our hiring process, etc. Plenty of confidence there. However, we don't require everyone at Acquia to use Drupal for every job. People having different preferences in tools is a reasonable thing, and has the benefit of keeping us aware of the continually improving landscape of options.

regards, -m

Michael Haag
Customer Advocate/Quality Evangelist
Tech Support