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Need your vote - Acquia round 2 video @ Enterprise 2.0 Launchpad

Thanks to everyone who voted for Acquia in the first round of Enterprise 2.0's people's choice (aka American Idol) contest for their Launchpad event. We received 80 votes in the first round and made it to Round 2. The top 4 vote getters in Round 2 will present on stage at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference.

Please take a moment to view & vote for Acquia's 2nd round video.

In the 2nd round, the top 8 vote getters were given 2 minutes to demo and tell their story. Demonstrating Drupal in 2 minutes is a tall order. I used the cycling community demo that we created for Web 2.0 to highlight Drupal's unique capabilities, including CCK, Views, Panels and more.

Some of the comments I received in response to earlier videos for Enterprise 2.0 and elsewhere asked the question about credit, particularly when I highlighted the "honor roll" of brand-name Drupal sites - The Onion, Popular Science, Amnesty International, and others. To highlight the size and diversity of the Drupal ecosystem, I took a logo slide approach - playing up the fact that there are hundreds of companies providing a diverse range of Drupal services. Apologies in advance if I missed your company's logo - it isn't intended to be a definitive list. However, it does demonstrate to the Enterprise 2.0 audience that there's a growing, thriving Drupal ecosystem that they can turn to in order to build great community websites.

Thanks for your support.