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Innovation is at the Heart of Open Source

Network World published a story about the decision that the US Veteran's Administration has made to pursue open source for their next generation VistA (VA Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture)system.

While the current VistA system currently works well, "its roots make it too hard to innovate on the system". This is precisely the point I made in an earlier blog.

I should have emphasized more how superior innovation is at the heart of open source when I wrote a more recent blog following Jive Software's posting of an egregious white paper entitled "Jive vs Open Source". Instead I took a tack expressing my amazement that enterprises haven't learned more lessons since the foolhardy days of Y2K. Open source has come a long way, the myths that continue to be purported by proprietary software companies have been refuted. The larger enterprise software vendors like Oracle and Microsoft have made major investments in open source.

I'm heartened by the Network World article and also by the response to Dries' announcement of Drupal Commons. Clearly the market is starting to realize that choosing open source means leaving yourself a future where innovation with your existing systems will be possible, and an economic value proposition that supports it to boot.