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How to raise money for your Drupalcamp: The jobs table

If you are organizing a Drupalcamp you are probably finding that you are thrust into a fund raising role. As the Drupal association fundraiser, let me offer you a quick tip for raising money to meet your Drupalcamp expenses.

First, follow the rules of BarCamps and keep everything as simple as possible. Don't try to provide too many comforts. Instead, communicate what you need and then what ever you get provided with is what you will have.

You will have some expenses. Here's how you can get them covered. You are bringing together dozens, possibly even hundreds of Drupalers together in one place. That is particularly valuable to hiring managers. Right now, Drupal talent is in hot demand. There are 1500 jobs postings on the groups.drupal.org jobs list and over 13500 paid service topics in the paid services forum.

Right now, there are hundreds of hiring managers paying thousands and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars for recruiters to find Drupalers. Hiring managers who are faced with multi-thousand dollar recruiting bills or sponsoring a jobs table at your Drupalcamp have an easy choice. Hiring managers can see the value in supporting the local Drupal community and meeting dozens of Drupalers at the same time.

Keep your Drupalcamp simple.

Sell sponsorships with a jobs table benefit.

Keep up the great work Drupal rockstars.

[Update] Some people have asked how to get on the rock-star list. Just create an event on http://groups.drupal.org and add yourself to the organizer field.