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Goals for Testing Code Sprint in Paris

I'm attending the Drupal testing code sprint in Paris and my goals are to graduate from the Károly and Jimmy's school of Drupal unit testing class make a dent in the unit test coverage. With this certificate, I'll extend what I learn to all via general community participation and to a much higher degree with other Acquia developers like Gábor Hojtsy, Barry Jaspan and Vladimir Dolgopolov.

During recess breaks, I'll bend Rok's ear on an entirely new angle regarding the use of continuous integration on Drupal that I've been working on here at Acquia that works nicely in conjunction with http://testing.drupal.org. In particular, a classic build farm using buildbot to show the state of the code already commited to CVS as opposed to crawling D.O. for patches. If Rok and I can find some collaboration, it's possible I can make a substantial contribution here.

I'll also try to bend Jimmy's ear on test segmentation and some preliminary analysis of a code coverage report I hope to publish soon. My plan to work with Jimmy's is contingent on him actually going of course!