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Global Drupal Learning Day

Global Drupal Day

Friday, June 22 has been designated by the Drupal Association as a "Global Drupal Day" - a day in which we will encourage as many people as possible to learn a little Drupal.

The goal here is to bring Drupal to the masses! One of the Drupal Association's 2012 goals is to educate more people on the Drupal project.

We have done this as a global training community once before - in February of this year. At that point, we had Acquia partners running events in Dublin (Ireland), Florida (USA), Oregon (USA), Massachusetts (USA), Dakar & St Louis (Senegal), Nairobi (Kenya), and Kampala (Uganda). Acquia Training Partners trained people using our HelloDrupal material, as well as our Drupal in a Day course. Almost 250 people were trained, with over half of those trained in Africa! Check out this photo of a "Drupal in a Day" course in Kampala, which was organized by Mountbatten.

Drupal in a Day in Kampala, Uganda
Drupal in a Day in Kampala, Uganda

This photo (and the others 3 below) were all taken by Benjamin Lutayaa (@benjunni on Twitter). The event took place in the Kampabit training room. The training event in Kenya took place at the iHub in Nairobi. These two events trained over 100 people - congrats and thanks to Mountbatten!

We hope to see similar energy and numbers for this training - but this should be larger as the Drupal Association is helping to promote the events. We hope to see continued growth of Drupal in newer markets, and look forward to hundreds and thousands of new Drupalists.

Along with Acquia, the following Acquia Training Partners will be delivering training on June 22:

For a listing of all events being held on that day - please stay tuned to http://drupal.org/learn-drupal.

If you'd like to help promote - please use #learndrupal on Twitter and spread the word about course(s) near you. We're very excited to see a global community using our HelloDrupal! material to bring new people and energy into the Drupal community.

Future days of Global Drupal Day training will include September 14 and December 14, 2012 - so stay tuned for those.

More images of Drupal growth and learning in Uganda:

A full house for Drupal Training
A full house for Drupal Training

Checking out the Acquia Training page
Checking out the Acquia Training page

Drupal Admin Menu looks the same the world over...
Drupal Admin Menu looks the same the world over...
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Posted on by Navid Emami (not verified).

i live in Tehran,Iran and know a lot of people around that do great things with Drupal. I think the time has come for Middle-East (specially my country, Iran) to have conferences about Drupal like Drupalcon. How can i gather these people to participate in Drupal conferences?

I want to know that what did you do to setup the first Drupal conference in your city?

In my country there are a lot of freelancers but they can't gather around and share their knowledge. I appreciate you, guide me through this problem.

Posted on by eludwig.

I think the best way to get to having large conferences is to start small and build up step by step. Many cities around the globe have regular meet-ups of Drupalists, where people can get together and share knowledge, share projects they are working on, and build networks.

I would suggest you start this way - even if it is just 2-3 people to start. Hold monthly meetings of people interested, and build from there. Then once you've got meetings in one city, start them in another city and build up in that city. Once several cities have regular meetings, then pull together a regional meeting, then national, etc.

Meet-ups take many forms - http://groups.drupal.org/ is a great place to start exploring how some of these groups work and learning from the global community. Make sure you've connected with these folks - http://groups.drupal.org/iran

Posted on by Navid Emami (not verified).

Thanks Erich, i will do that and hope to participate in Drupalcon, someday.

Posted on by John Kibuuka (not verified).

Am thrilled to have worked with Mountbatten and lots of youth on especially using drupal to quickly setup websites for ngos and small businesses as an income generating business. Please keep up the great work you are doing! John, www.ruralict.com

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