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Get a scholarship to DrupalCon 2009 in Washington DC

I can hardly wait to go do DrupalCon 2009 in Washington DC. If you’re as excited about DrupalCon as I am, but are having a hard time finding the money you’d need to attend, perhaps you should apply for one of the 20 scholarships that are being awarded. Anybody in financial need can apply:

So who will these scholarships go to? People who are actively developing with Drupal, who would benefit from attending DrupalCon, and who are already helping the community.

The applications are being reviewed by myself and Drupal legend Károly Négyesi (aka chx). I’m proud to be able to help out with this process, just as I’m proud that the company I work for is a platinum sponsor of the DrupalCon. It makes me feel good to know that the money being raised by the DrupalCon will be used to reach out and help people attend who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. If your company isn’t already a DrupalCon sponsor, it’s not too late. You can contact the organizors online to become a sponsor and help bring Drupal to even more people.

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