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Drupal.org Re-design sprint San Francisco: Day 1

Today was the beginning of the fifth Drupal.org redesign sprint. The prior sprints in order are: Cologne Germany, Cambridge Mass. USA, Paris France, Drupalcon Washington DC USA, and now San Francisco USA.

If you've not yet taken the time to contribute to the drupal.org redesign sprint you should join the following two groups: Drupal.org redesign plan for the Drupal Association, and the Redesign theme implementers group which includes the to do list for the rest of the drupal.org re-design implementation.

Todd Nienkerk, started by setting priorities for theming with 3 other themers. The themers reviewed the visual style guide and the prototype. The themers are submitting questions to Mark Boulton tonight and will be meeting with Mark tomorrow to get answers. Todd focused on help text warnings and messages. He will need further feedback on color palettes to use for these messages.
Todd reviewed all the past redesign wiki pages and consolidated them into one wiki page. He has started to convert those to-dos in the wiki page into issues. Today he has filed approximately 5 isssues. Todd is also working on cleaning up the issue queue for read more module which needs to be cleaned up before it can be added to Drupal.org.

Colin Sagan (Sagannotcarl) is one of the themers reviewing the prototypes and has started by filing 18 issues on the first day.

Courtney Miller (courtney) is one of the themers who has been looking at the prototype. She has reviewed what has been implemented so far. Courtney has made a list of items that the themers need to talk to Mark Boulton about.
Courtney is focused on landing pages. Today she began working on the About page and added links to the template drupalorg-about.tpl.php template file

Erik Hopp (erikhopp) is one of the themers who has been filing issues from the wiki page. He has been creating issues for discrepancies between prototype and current implementation of the theme.
Erik has already started working on CSS issues, specifically on Font size issues like:
Global header font sizes need to be checked to prototype and adjusted
, Global header font sizes need to be checked to prototype and adjusted.

Neil (drumm) is the main organizer of the Drupal.org San Francisco sprint. Neil focused on the implementation of the dashboard. He is working with Earl Miles (merlinofchaos) and Ken Rickard (agentrickard) about Dashboard module API. Ken is the maintainer of the MySite Module which is the basis for the dashboard module. Neil is the dashboard module maintainer and plans to get more help from Ken Rickard.

Mark Burdet (mfb) is developing features for the redesign. He is implementing new blocks for project module which is used to manage Drupal projects. He first worked on the issue cockpit. He also worked on the recently updated issues block. Mark has been learning the project module with the help of Derek Wright today.

Derek Wright worked remotely on the sprint today. He joined us for a organizing call early in the morning to discuss how to access the code repository and where to check updates into the code repository. Derek will be joining us in person tomorrow.

Matt Cheney(populist)worked on search filters, and Mailman integration for Solr Search.

Josh Koenig (joshk) has been working on an open social inspired single sign-on implementation that allows single sign-on between g.d.o and d.o. He is working on a single id.drupal.org that will act as a single sign-on and an aggregator of your Drupal activity streams for widgets in your Drupal dashboard. Those widgets may potentially be available off Drupal.org as well.

David Strauss is also working on consolidated authentication and activity streams. David worked on the server side of the open social inspired authentication. David also helped by creating databases for the drupal staging sites for each of the themers.

Anthony Blanc worked on the redesign sprint remotely and made new mock-ups of the membership purchase pages on association.drupal.org, and the membership directory. He was inspired to contribute after seeing Angie's new ideas for the Drupal association site

I worked on some user experience research, and helped with various errands to help keep everyone productive. We enjoyed a nice lunch from KitchenetteSF, and will be heading out for a nice Thai dinner shortly. The sprinters appreciate the support of the Drupal association and the donors who have been contributing the redesign fund. In particular, we appreciate the support from Chapter Three, which is hosting the redesign sprint.

There are still lots of opportunities to help. Do not hesitate to join us in #drupal-infrastructure and we can point you to some issues where you can make a difference in the redesign.