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Drupal.org infrastructure status and growth presentation

Narayan Newton and I gave a talk at Drupalcon on the state of the http://drupal.org infrastructure. Narayan, Gerhard, David, and myself are currently working on a infrastructure budget proposal for the Drupal association. This proposal will give you some insight into the challenges of running Drupal.org and why it is not just another Drupal site. In fact, our use of Drupal as a web application platform for Drupal.org pushes the Drupal project in many directions that lead to innovation.



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Hi Kieran,

that's what I've been thinking about the drupal.org redesign for a while. Having to deal with common problems while upgrading from D5 to D6 as well as planning and running the required infrastructure for drupal.org gives you a sense of the common headaches we all get when upgrading and/or having to plan worst case scenarios.

These needs lead to changes and innovation. Sharing insights and solutions adds quality to the whole platform and thereby helps others.

Unfortunately archives.org is just soo slow the video is almost useless, same as with the DCDC videos also hostet by archives.org. I don't know whether this is temporary or related to overseas bandwidth issues for us sitting in Europa (Germany to be precise).