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Drupalcon Update

Drupalcon Boston 2008 preparations are reaching a fever pitch. Session slots are starting to fill, sponsors are signing up, registrations are streaming in. But we need more - lots more. So if you haven’t submitted your session, purchased your sponsorship, or paid your registration, stop reading now and get over the drupalcon.org and get it done.

The Boston organizing team is busily working the myriad details that need to be nailed down in order to have a great event. I think few people in the Drupal community realize how much goes into a large scale event like this. It’s a HUGE task. Fortunately for us, we’ve got Sooz on it full time and she’s doing a great job wrangling quotes and contracts.

The logo contest is shutting down on Friday and there are some really great entries. I’m a little worried that some of them will work on a t-shirt but not so much on printed materials, the web site, and screens. But we’ll figure something out.

If you have not voted yet or put your submission in, be sure to do it soon.

Here are a few of the current vote leaders.