Drupal at OSCON 2008: Last day to vote for Drupal in the SourceForge community awards


Back in April and May the Acquia marketing team and I decided to jump into the frying pan with Drupal events and really see how successful we could be in spreading the word about Drupal and Acquia. We produced some good marketing content, including this Drupal event organizer kit, and we really primed the professional services pump and sales lead funnel with people who were interested in Acquia's products.

After a couple of months of light travel, only one week per month, I am getting ready to do a whirlwind tour starting off with OSCON 2008 in Portland, Oregon next week.

I've been working with Andrew Morton and Mellisa Anderson from the Portland User Group to help organize the Drupal booth at OSCON. The outstanding events team at O'Reilly conferences have been kind enough to offer the Drupal community a great booth in the expo pavilion.

We've got a great group of volunteers for the booth:

I am really looking forward to catching up with the Lullabot's Angela Byron, Addison Berry, and CEO Matt Westgage who now lives in Portland.

I am hoping the highlight of the trip will be a 2008 Sourceforge community choice award, at their party Thursday night, in one of the five categories Drupal is nominated in. If you have not yet voted please consider voting for Drupal, voting ends tomorrow, in one or all of these five categories:

  1. Best project
  2. Best project for Enterprise
  3. Best project for Educators
  4. Best Tool or Utility for Developers
  5. Most Likely to Change the World