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Drupal - Have it YOUR Way (Or, the Constraints of Social Business Software)

One of the most common complaints that we hear from our prospects & customers when in the market for Community Software and/or Social Business Software is that the licensing models of the proprietary vendors are very inflexible. They often end up charging their customers on a per user basis, annually, - and on top of that, bundle in typical proprietary software maintenance costs. In the end of the day, the customer ends up with a very expensive, annually recurring, inflexible licensing situation, - and on top of that, the customer pays additional dollars each time they request a new customization to their platform.

One of the many things I love about Drupal, is that it fully conforms to the "Have it Your Way" approach.

First of all, there is no license fee at all associated with Drupal or any of its permutations. Drupal is licensed under the GPL license. Drupal can be deployed in your own data center, it can be deployed in the Cloud on environments such as Acquia Hosting, or in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment such as Drupal Gardens.

Second, Drupal comes in many "flavors" ranging from starting with Drupal Core and the available 6,000+ modules available from the "Drupal App Store" ala Drupal.org, to purpose built Distributions like our own alternative to Social Business Software, Drupal Commons, or others including Open Atrium and Open Publish.

Last, Drupal is always "open for innovation". Unlike its proprietary competition, who may charge tens of thousands of dollars each time a customer wants to create a new functional component, innovations are happening in the Drupal community 24 hours per day. You can watch, in real-time, the speed at which innovation is happening on the home page of Drupal.org.

With all of these inherent advantages, it is no surprise at which the rate of Drupal Enterprise adoption continues to occur. In the last three weeks, myself and our team have visited with numerous organizations with sites in the Alexa top 500 who are, or already have, migrating to Drupal and many large Global 1000 & Government organizations who are building community sites on Drupal Commons.

Onward and upward!

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