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Drupal Gardens adds video support with media galleries

Four weeks ago, the Drupal Gardens team introduced the image gallery feature to all Drupal Gardens sites. While that was great, we wanted galleries to be true media galleries, and so last week the team introduced video support to galleries in a seamless way. Built on top of the awesome Media module and supporting Media: YouTube module, it's architecture is easily extended to support video from many other sources in the future. Read on for the details:

  • Image galleries are now media galleries with the addition of video support. In any gallery, you can now click 'Add media', click the 'Embed image/video' tab, and enter the URL of any YouTube video, e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Duow7C29Rz4[/codefilter_code] . Once added, videos are sized properly to appear just like any image in the gallery -- but with a filmstrip icon in the lower left to identify it as a video. Videos can be watched in a lightbox or full page, and will play in a slideshow as well. Video playback is supported via HTML5 or Flash allowing playback in all platforms including iPhone and iPad. (Screenshots below)
  • Based on usability testing, simplified media gallery settings and improved bulk image uploading AN-18596, AN-19107
  • Before bulk uploading groups of images, you can now specify one or more identifying tags (e.g. Party, 2009, Family).
  • If desired, galleries can now be created with as few as 2 columns of images. AN-19265
  • Updated all sites to Drupal 7 Alpha 6 including all Drupal 7 core changes through September 13th. For a complete list of what is new, see the raw CVS commit messages from August 4th to September 13th.

Please scroll down to see a few media gallery screenshots taken from my Drupal Gardens site.

Below is my site's "All galleries" page. The Copenhagen gallery has several images and 2 videos.

Logged into Drupal Gardens, just click 'Add media' to add an image or YouTube video

The Copenhagen gallery page showing the 2 video thumbnails and other images

Viewing the video using a full page. Note that the video's title and description are retrieved from YouTube so you don't have to re-enter them. You can of course edit them later.

The same video but shown in a lightbox, the gallery page is dimmed behind it.


Posted on by ErnestP (not verified).

The new image gallery features introduced is all the way nice. It has given true credit on how and what image gallery should be really is. Durpal Gardens team have made a good job to integrate this gallery to all drupal sites. Many sites are are running in Drupal so I guess we will be seeing more of them in a new view because its galleries will be more alive now.