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Drupal Gardens adds drop-down menus, reset site, and more

Last week we pushed out a new Drupal Gardens update containing several very popular requests that we are thrilled to deliver!  In addition, we are now in the home stretch towards a Drupal 7 release candidate, with only 5 critical bugs left as of this post.  The Acquia engineering team has been spending 30% of its time working with the community directly on Drupal 7 core and contrib module efforts, and we are all counting down the days until release.  Exciting times!We just released a new version of Drupal Gardens with the following new features:

  • Drupal Gardens sites now support drop-down menus. Every Drupal Gardens theme now supports uniquely styled drop-down menus that respect any change to your theme's color palette. Multiple levels of drop-down menus are supported and they can be fully styled as needed using Advanced CSS. To enable drop-down menus on your site, follow these steps.  For more information, see this post on drop-down menus including how you can style drop-down menus via Advanced CSS.
  • You can now reset/delete any Drupal Gardens site. This can be useful in order to start over fresh, or if you selected the wrong site template, or if you no longer need your site. Simply go to the 'My sites' page, and click More > Delete site. You will have to confirm deletion via email, and once deleted you (or anyone else) can create a new site at the same URL.
  • Introduced the Carbon theme, which has a dark modern look. Click Appearance to apply and try this new theme. Like any Drupal Gardens theme is can be customized via palettes and much more. Click the Brand tab to see it with difference accent colors, or add your own custom colors, fonts, banner images, background images and more.
  • The /mysites page now shows under your sites, all Drupal Gardens sites that you are a member with the date you last logged in. For example, if you logged in to a Drupal Gardens site you didn't create where you are a regular user or an admin.
  • Embedding YouTube videos into any post or content type has been simplified. Now just click the Add Media link in the WYSIWYG editor. 
  • The user interface of the WYSIWYG editor has been improved for easy switching between WYSIWYG and HTML views. The editor also show the text format list on the toolbar and the WYSIWYG editor is now enabled in all relevant text formats.
  • Improved the performance of Drupal Gardens including many ThemeBuilder operations.
  • Updated all sites to Drupal 7 Beta 1 including all Drupal 7 core changes through October 22nd. For a complete list of what is new, see the raw CVS commit messages from September 14th to October 22nd. Note Beta 2 missed our cut off date, but the latest release will be included in next update.
  • Updated several contrib modules including Mollom which now has even more powerful spam blocking features, as well as media_browser_plus, comment_notify, and typekit.  The remaining modules will be updated next release, and all modules will be regularly updated once the Drupal 7 release candidate is available. 
  • During site creation, when you hover over a feature it now shows a descriptive thumbnail image and an explanation of the features benefit and functionality.
  • Updated the WYSIWYG editor to CKEditor v3.4.1 to apply several bug fixes. Note that an update to 3.4.2 just missed our cut-off date and will be included next month.
  • Enhanced the Drupal Gardens documentation with a dynamic glossary of terms. Hover over any underlined word to quickly see the definition.


Posted on by derrynairn (not verified).

This looks great. I'd love to have Node Import and Views up there too! Then I could really start playing around.