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Drupal Gardens adds custom surveys, forms and questionnaires

Lately the Drupal Gardens team has been busy adding several highly-requested mega-features.  A mega-feature is a feature so large, some companies build entire products based on that feature.  Webforms is the most recent mega-feature we have added.  Since mega-features can be complicated, we invested hundreds of design hours and thousands of engineering hours to make webforms easy-to-use.   Based on the powerful webform and form builder projects, the team helped port them Drupal 7 and significantly enhance the user-interface -- check out our Webforms video to see it in action.

Read on for the details of Drupal Gardens webforms, and the other new items in this release:

  • Added Webforms so your site can include surveys, contests, sweepstakes, registration forms, contact forms, polls, and petitions to collect and analyze information from your visitors. Quickly build webforms using drag-and-drop.  Users with the proper permissions can review submissions or download a CSV file for analysis in a spreadsheet. Webforms include the following features:
    • Design your Webform with single and multi-line text fields, e-mail fields, drop-down lists, radio buttons, check boxes, and file upload fields.  In addition webforms includes these special fields:
      • Formatted content fields allow you to add HTML to your webforms.
      • Hidden fields allow every submission to include a field not shown to the user.  This can be useful for analyizing submisssions. 
      • Fieldsets allow you to group related fields together, and optionally collapse those fields behind a link to simplify your webform.  
      • Page breaks allow you to simplify webforms by showing a reduced number of fields on each page.
    • Protect your webforms from spam submissions with Mollom.
    • Analyze webform submissions including date submitted, and IP address.  If the submitter is a logged in user, their username and photo will be included too.
    • Track the % of respondents that completed each webform field.
    • Style webforms exactly as you want using Drupal Gardens' ThemeBuilder.
    • Show webforms as blocks in any region on your site (e.g. side bars or footer), and hide or show webforms based on various conditions such as URL or user roles.  
    • Limit webform submissions to 1 per user or any number of submissions per hour, day, or week.
    • Customize what users see when they submit the webform, or redirect them to another page or site.
    • Determine which users can see your site's webforms based on roles (including anonymous visitors).
    • Allow users to see their previous submissions and edit them.
    • Specify which webform fields are required to be completed or optional.
    • Specify the maximum file size and allowed file type(s) for file upload fields. 
    • Align labels above, below, right, or left the corresponding field. 
  • It's easier to change your site's name or slogan, and you can now move them anywhere on your site. To change or move the site name or slogan, just hover over them, click the gear icon and then click 'Configure block'. From there you can change which region on your site it is placed, on what pages it is visible, which users can see it and more.
  • Improved Drupal Gardens performance, especially on login.
  • Updated all sites to Drupal 7 RC 2 including all Drupal 7 core changes through December 13th. For a complete list of what is new, see the raw CVS commit messages from November 12th through December 13th.
  • On the "You're also a member of..." section of the MySites page , Clicking the site name links now logs in to that site.
  • Updated all modules to their Drupal 7 RC2 versions.
  • And more!

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Posted on by kuldip (not verified).

Webform will be very good for drupalgardens.

I want to know one thing if possible, How you are updating all site to drupal latest version? you are using any script for bulk update or its a manual process?

Thank you,

Posted on by Chris Brookins.

Thanks for your feedback.
We update Drupal Gardens using the process outlined here http://acquia.com/blog/minimizing-ma intenance-time-while-updating-thousa...

Posted on by Websites (not verified).

Looking for a form surevy solution for one of my websites that includes file upload and automaticly creates it as a blogpost, could Drupal Gardens Web forms do this functionality?