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Drupal Gardens 2 month update

Yesterday we completed our 3rd sprint since Drupal Gardens went into private beta at the end of January. Following our Scrum development process, the Acquia engineering teams commit to delivering new features and bug fixes in every 3 week sprint. Before each sprint the designers craft rough visuals or mock-ups of every major feature to be developed. Within each sprint new features are planned, developed, tested and documented and pushed live. It makes for an intense and fun three weeks!

At the conclusion of this sprint, the following new features were made available:

  • Custom domain names are now supported. During 2010, site creators can map any custom domain that they own to their Gardens site for free. Starting January 1, 2011 a small upgrade fee will be required to continue to use custom domains.
  • An integrated pop-up help panel was added to drupalgardens.com and all drupalgardens sites. The help panel provides quick access to videos (many coming soon), documentation, the community forums, as well as a new support system with an integrated knowledge base and troubleshooter.
  • Gardens site upgrades can now be performed with only 2 min of maintenance time per site
  • The speed of ThemeBuilder "Save" or "Publish" was improved by 90%
  • Updated the Campaign, Minima and Sonoma base themes to better support the styling of forums, comments, blog posts, block quotes, polls, tables, etc. Other themes such as Sparks will also get these updates by the end of the current sprint.
  • Added support for Mollom to help you stop comment and content spam on your site. To enjoy the benefits of Mollom, simply enable the Mollom module, and follow the instructions in Configuration > Mollom > Settings to obtain and enable your free Mollom account.
  • You can put your own site in maintenance as needed - e.g. for large content or design changes.
  • The overlay menu can now be disabled if desired
  • Over 50 additional bugs in Drupal 7, Drupal 7 contrib modules and Gardens have been resolved. Any fixes to Drupal 7 or Drupal 7 contrib modules were of course contributed back to drupal.org so everyone could benefit.

After releasing yesterday, today we finished planning our next sprint -- we have a lot of exciting features in store, so stay tuned, I'll post back here in 3 weeks.

p.s. If you haven't received your beta code yet, please be patient, we are adding new beta testers all of the time. Thousands more go out every week. And if you haven't signed up to get on the list for a beta code, please do so soon - first come, first served!


Posted on by christefano (not verified).

What is the upgrade pricing starting in 2011? The link doesn't seem to work.

Glad to hear about the speed improvements! I did a demo of Drupal Gardens at the LA Drupal meetup yesterday and the theme builder was noticeably slow. It was worth it, though. The theme builder is really top rate.

Posted on by Chris Brookins.

Thanks for the feedback. I have fixed the broken upgrade pricing link.

Posted on by agnes (not verified).

That's the good news for Drupal Gardens Community. I should switch use this one as well.

Thank You