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Drupal in Education showcase video

Here's a video of some Drupal showcase sites. I know there are a bunch more out there. Here's a list of resources for find more Drupal education sites provided by Bill Fitzgerald:

In addition, these university Library sites could also do double-duty:

Finally, the folks from ZivTech put together this presentation on libraries:

And Dries published a great overview piece on his blog:


Posted on by Jessica (not verified).


This is very nice to know that open source software is getting same if not more respect and usage as the commercial ones. so future will contain not only the big corporations or MNCs but also the individuals like me which might make some new discoveries. i feel that the innovativeness has nothing to do with the big money or lack of it


Posted on by John212 (not verified).

Thanks, this is really helpfull for people like me who are interested in learning Drupal. I have a few sites where I am using Word Press Platform. But I want broad the scope of the site and add in some really cool features which the Word Press is not enabling me to do.

I have asked a few friends of mine that which website script would do the job. Was recommended Drupal by most. Therefore, my next target is to learn as much as I can about this platform.

Was searching for some good resources on this and stubmbled upon this site.

I have seen 1 video and its really gr8. I think I have to go through all now and rest of the posts too.

Thanks man