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The death of the Drupal programmer

Okay, so that’s going a bit too far. But we’re getting ever closer to the dream module and theme updates and installs using a GUI in your browser!

Many thanks to cwgordon, Joshua Rogers, dww and especially chx for kicking some serious arse on this issue and getting us very close.

update_process2.mov (video/quicktime Object)

That’s right, in Drupal 7 you will be able to update your modules and themes without learning FTP, SSH or CVS.

Check out my latest screencast

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Posted on by chichiMi7 (not verified).

I really like this new development. This is the beginning of maturity in an already superb CMS. Great job guys.

Posted on by himerus (not verified).

This is an amazing feature to have implemented. Even as a tech-guru, I find it a pain to log in via SSH and download, then extract, then update.php the countless module updates that can be present after a mere week or two of not checking. This can REALLY streamline this process even for the most technically inept user!

Also, I wasn't sad to see that my Permission Select module was the one being tested on! Quite an honor!

Great work to those mentioned above for turning this into a reality!!

Posted on by Steven_NC (not verified).

The current SVN, command line, etc. method may be fine for the tech ninjas who develop for a living. But for many small and medium-sized business people who want to use Drupal as a tool for building a dynamic site, this may be the single most important feature to date. Many of us will develop exactly one site and cannot afford full time staff to keep the site updated and maintained. A simple point and click updater will allow us to run our business and sleep at night. I think this will put Drupal at the head of the class. Great Job!! to the Drupal Wizards who share with the rest of us.

Posted on by wilmar81 (not verified).

I wonder why it took so long to reach that point. Such a feature will really help.
Thanks ;)