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On corporate blogging policies


Posted on by jackbe (not verified).

For what it's worth, my company (JackBe, http://www.jackbe.com) went through the 'rockstar' issue, albeit in reverse. We hired three supremely talented individuals from Sun Microsystems, names that were well-respected in the world of Java. Their arrival gave us some great street cred, certainly.

When addressing the issue with the analysts, editors, partners and customers, we did what felt natural, trying to stay open and honest. Honestly, we didn't proactively plan for their arrival (or, more specifically, integration into our corporate blogging efforts). However, we did make an effort to avoid the creepy corporate voice in the back of our heads to 'squeeze this for all it's worth'.

As a result, we retained our newly-found street cred and even garnered a bit more, I think. Our experiences would be a great lesson for any company that is importing (or exporting) a brand-name: keep it honest and open, as change is inevitable.

Chris Warner, JackBe