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Cool Ninja SEO tricks on the Drupal Dojo

Yesterday, I listened as Tom gave a quick introduction of the suite of modules maintained by LevelTen. I left like I was watching some mad ninja SEO tricks. I got educated!

Maybe you all already knew about this stuff. To me, this is like magic. I suppose there's a little librarian in me getting excited about making information more easy to find. I had no idea there was that level of keyword analysis available, and on-the-fly assistance to help you write your content better. And you can install this sweet suite in Drupal, thanks to these guys. LevelTen has expertise in Agile development practices as well as Search Engine Optimization practices. They maintain a suite of modules to help visitors find your site's content & your company's message. Check out LevelTen's new Drupal SEO Modules, including our Quick SEO, Keyword Research and Keyword Analysis modules.

Recently Tom gave a presentation on these modules on the volunteer-run Drupal Dojo, a community virtual meet-up that happens once a week. You can see he's not only an experienced developer, but also a great communicator. And of course, that makes him a great instructor too. If you're in Texas, and interested in Drupal, check out their training next week in Austin & in Houston in January.

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Ninja SEO presentation

Listen to Tom and see a demo of these ninja tricks :)

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Is the tool as same as Market Samurai? they sound alike..