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Bay Area Drupalcamp 2008 - Testing party and BADCamper party

Last weekend I attended BADCamp. The camp was organized by Tao Starbow, Dan Robinson, Chris Bryant, Dmitri Gaskin, and Jen Lampton. The event was a big success and filled up to capacity with the waiting list closed weeks in advance.

One of the big things I was looking for was a measure of the health of the Drupal economy. From what I saw it was still pretty hot. There was a popular job fair and the jobs board had about a dozen listings. I was actively recruiting organizers for the San Francisco Drupal user group. New recruits included Ben Bannone from Bioraft, Dan Kurtz from Trellon, and Shaun Huber from Warner Bros Records.

I got the inside scoop on a number of case studies from WorkHabit, Achieve Internet, Cherry Hill Media, and Exaltation of Larks. You'll see those show up on the front page of Drupal.org over the next few months.

We had two parties Saturday night. The first part was a continuation of the testing party started in recent camps and Drupalcon Szeged. You can see the latest issues for the testing party. The testing party was organized by Dmitri and Karoly. Karoly has informed me he believes that we need thousands of hours more effort into getting Drupal core to 100% coverage. I hope all the other Drupal camps follow suit and have testing parties as well. Here's a list of tests worked on:

  1. 403 page needs a test
  2. Tests needed for module page
  3. Comment signatures
  4. tablesort.inc
  5. external URL options need a test
  6. Main help page
  7. menu_rebuild_needed
  8. poll_choice_js()
  9. menu access callback default need a test
  10. Tests for admin/content/node
  11. Upload and BlogAPI tests should pass without clean-urls enabled
  12. Anonymous voting on polls
  13. comments as replies to other comments
  14. custom_url_rewrite_inbound()
  15. menu_set_item().

After the testing party Bioraft and Sun bought drinks at the Jupiter, a local restaurant and brewery. The Badcampers took over part of the patio. We lined up to buy drinks for Brenda Boggs birthday.

On Sunday I presented about Acquia Drupal, Acquia Network, and explained how our support system worked. I also fielded questions about the Acquia partner program. I know that several of the organizations in attendance are moving along towards becoming Acquia partners as they come to understand how Acquia's business integrates with their business and their customers needs. There were lots of good questions particularly focused on Drupal 5 migration, support for popular contributed modules like ubercart and CiviCRM, and how the support tickets were answered.

Of course the best part of this Drupalcamp is it was local! (I live in San Francisco).