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Bastille Day at San Francisco Drupal User Group meeting

Last night the San Francisco user group celebrated Bastille Day at the Paris SoMa (South of Market) co-working office, and San Francisco office of AF83.com.

Greg Beuthin has done a great job building up the San Francisco users group over the last several months. He estimates a 30-50% increase in participation each month, with this meeting reaching 18 attendees. Neil Drumm, Drupal 5 maintainer, presented on "How to scale your Drupal site". This is always a very popular topic and this local group set a new record for attendance.

There was plenty of excellent cheese, sponsored by Tim and John, and wine to be had as part of the celebrations for Bastille Day. The AF83 hosts provided the wine for the second time in a week. Last week they showcased an exciting project called Mapovino.com.

It is always exciting to see who is using Drupal, and it's even more exciting when you find Drupal being used in your non-work life. One of the new developers, Ken Suzuki, from Crushnet was in attendance. Last week my wife and I attended the Potrero Hill Pinot noir party at Crushpad. We are joining our local community to become amateur winemakers and produce our first barrel of wine, 300 bottles, with more than 100 of our neighbors. One challenge the Crushnet Drupal developers have is the high gender imbalance at the Crushnet events. They estimate a three to one female to male ratio at the Crushpad social events, and as a recent attendee of two crushpad events (both with my wife), I can attest to their difficult challenge. Hopefully some Drupal developers in the Bay Area can help them out!
There were several other exciting companies and projects represented as well:

  • VMware appliances marketing place team is looking to hire two Drupal developers to upgrade their site
  • John Sullivan from Redroom.com is looking to hire developers
  • Geoff Butterfield from Edutopia, the George Lucas Educational Foundation was in attendance.
  • Greg Holsclaw attended and he told me about his new Drupal book project
  • Chris Bryant from Gravitek Labs will be presenting on his pattens site configuration technology next month. Gravitek Labs is one of the LinuxWorld Booth sponsors.
  • Dave Cohen the maintainer of a Drupal facebook integration module was also in attendance. He's getting a lot of attention helping his clients integrate their Drupal sites with Facebook.
  • Tim Andonian, open source advocate came down from San Jose
  • Jonathan Geraci, Director, Web Platform & Communications at Emotiv Systems
  • Arjun Chopra, Managing Director at OStatic

I am looking forward to Robbie Burns day, when we can celebrate the best of Scotland, a Drupal site hosted on eApps.


Posted on by Kevin Davison (not verified).

As a new Drupal Developer myself, the meeting did more to confirm that I'm on the right track. I believe it's important to get involved with the local Drupal community, and the SF Drupal User's Group is a great place to start.

I'm looking forward to listening to Chris Bryant, from Gravitek Labs, speak about the Patterns module next time.

And nice meeting you, Kieran. Thanks!

Posted on by Tim Andonian (not verified).

Correction: I left Catholic Charities' shared housing program because they were too entrenched in a microsoft mind-set. I continue to advocate for OSS and Drupal to board memebers there.

Currently I'm making a proposal and advocating for Drupal at San Jose's community access center which was set up with funding from Comcast's revenue stream as part of their deal with the city of San Jose residence. I will be writing about it extensively on my site in the next week.
Thanks Kieran!
And to Greg and Neil for a great meet-up. I'll be there next month for Chris Bryant's 'Paterns' presentation which sounds like it kicks some butt!