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Acquia Search release features

We have marked the one year anniversary of the our hosted search service by rolling out a significant update with new features and some fixes. This was released Wednesday night (June 30).

Changes for all subscribers:

Attachment indexing

To index file attachments, you need to be able to use an application that will extract the text. Acquia Search can now provide remote text extraction for the Apache Solr Attachments module. This means that any site using Acquia Search can index attachments - even on shared hosting or with no ability to run Java applications. If you plan to use this feature, make sure you update to the most recent (currently 6.x-1.0-beta2) version of Apache Solr Attachments. If you already have Tika set up for attachment extraction, there is no reason to change.

Wildcard searches

By backporting from Solr trunk the Extended Dismax query parser feature, we can provide support for enhanced query syntax mixed with simple keyword searches, including most importantly wildcards in search terms. The most recent version of the Acquia Search module (in the last Acquia Drupal release) can begin to take advantage of this feature, so make sure your site is running the latest.

Updated to Solr 1.4.1

This fixes a number of bugs, including that a search for certain text might fail to match if it was next to a common word like 'the' (most important to us was the case of text that looks like a domain name e.g. 'acquia.com'). The bug affected how data was indexed, so you'll need to re-index your content to benefit from the fix.

Changes for Pro and Enterprise subscribers:

Multiple subscriptions can be configured to use the same search index

This can be used to do multi-site searches with the Apache Solr Multisite Search module or your own custom code, or may be used to provide read-only access to a developer's subscription to the live site's search index.

To get these features for your Drupal site, sign up for an Acquia Network subscription. Existing customers should upgrade to Acquia Drupal 1.2.26 (or Acquia Search 6.x-1.5256) and keep up to date with upcoming releases.