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Acquia Drupal available via Subversion (SVN) repository

As part of our mission to help simplify Drupal adoption, we recently made public the Subversion repository (SVN) for Acquia Drupal. Now you can quickly update your site to the latest release of Acquia Drupal with a single 'svn up' command or use one of the many freely available Subversion GUI clients. With the repository you can say goodbye to downloading packages, extracting them, moving files and renaming directories to update your site to the latest release of Acquia Drupal.

For step by step instructions on using the repository, or to download a Subversion client, we have posted a brief tutorial. Check it out.

One last developer note: this repository also holds the -dev branch of Acquia Drupal. So for those interested, it also serves as a way to be more transparent about which modules from Drupal.org are being actively staged by Acquia for the next release of Acquia Drupal. Of course the -dev branch should only be used for informational purposes, since by definition is hasn't completed Acquia's test and release procedures.


Posted on by jmelnik (not verified).

As much as I prefer svn to cvs, having to now straddle both svn (for acquia drupal) AND cvs (for modules and themes on drupal.org) somewhat dampens this news for me (unless acquia is planning to mirror d.o contrib for all modules and themes which I doubt, lol). I'll be curious to see if drush can handle both the svn and cvs package managers-- that would make this issue largely irrelevant.

Gratz though-- I don't mean to sound like a wet blanket. I've been waiting for this for while. Having been used to using cvs/drush for site maintenance, there was no way I could even consider switching over to acquia drupal until a vcs deployment option was available.

Posted on by swidnikk (not verified).

This is fabulous. At what URL can I view the log?