Acquia Announces Beta Launch of Commercial Drupal Distribution

Submitted on
Sunday, November 29, 2015

Today Acquia has announced the beta launch of a commercially supported distribution of Drupal. The first 100 visitors to register here will receive beta accounts, and those after will be atop the list for the next round of invites.

The release is essentially a hardened distribution of Drupal, complemented with technical support and network service offerings. Code named Carbon for now, the package includes a select set of community contributed modules alongside the Drupal core. Acquia has taken the task of pre-testing, reviewing, and comparing all community contributed modules to offer a set of the most relevant and reliable contributions. Site administrators are notified of updates to Carbon modules through the network, code named Spokes. The system differentiates between feature, bug fix, and security updates, and informs users of compatibility issues or other dependencies amongst different modules.