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Executive Leadership

Acquia is the digital experience company. Our digital innovation platform empowers market-leading enterprise organizations to move at the speed of the web, providing agility, integration and resiliency.

Dries Buytaert
Chief Technology Officer
Thomas Erickson
Chief Executive Officer
Bill Sorenson
Chief Financial Officer
Tom Wentworth
Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Cayer
General Counsel
Alan F. (Al) Nugent
CIO and SVP Security, Business Engineering & IT
Vincent Rerolle
Sr. VP, Corporate Development
Tim Bertrand
Sr. VP, Worldwide Sales
Mike Stankus
Sr. VP, Worldwide Account Management, Sales Ops & Strategic Solutions
Christopher Stone
Sr. VP, Products and Development
Ray Grady
Sr. VP, Commerce Solutions
Jess Iandiorio
VP, Product Marketing
Andrew Fink
VP, Customer Success
Adriana Zeman
VP, Consulting Services
Will O'Keeffe
VP, Customer Services
Bryan House
VP, Global Accounts
Joe Wykes
VP, Global Channels
Renée Bochman
VP, Customer Experience
Julie Marobella
VP, Product Management for Cloud Platform